Baby's Breath

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Baby’s Breath 

Return of rhythmic, gentle breath that helps one be present in the moment while opening to a softer, more spacious mental perspective

My first child was, by some estimates, six weeks late. This does not surprise me now, as he has grown to be a wise, introspective young man who considers things from all angles before making a move. He was simply thinking about it. To his young, uncomfortable mother the wait seemed an eternity, as I learned to let go and totally submit to the Divine dance in which I was engaged. Daily conversations with my midwife were a comfort to me during this wait, as well as my daily prayers in which I always received the message that all was well. Spring was late that year, with snows well into April. Mothers’ Day came and went. I returned to work, large and a little grumpy when asked if this baby was ever going to be born. With a warm spell in mid-May, the Spring flowers all seemed to be blossoming at once, and my midwife arrived at my home with a large bouquet of Baby’s Breath. I will never forget how amazingly touched I was by this gift and how comforted I was by their lovely gentle presence. As my son was being born the next day, my midwife commented that the Baby’s Breath always works!


A newborn baby's pulse and breath are much quicker than an adult’s, yet there is nothing rapid about a little one. There is profound Peace in those quiet little breaths of a sleeping infant. A listening mother will recognize her own life coming into a new harmony, as she becomes lost in the sacred time and space of caring for a newborn. These are hours uncounted and schedules released, as Divine timing incorporates our Ancestral Clock which marks baths, burps, and first smiles as hours on its clock.....and days and nights lose themselves in endless feeding, rocking, and gentle contemplation.

Baby’s Breath essence opens up your concepts of Time and Space and helps to release some of the tensions of your relationship with linear time and schedules. This plant stands almost five feet tall

from thick woody stems that are lost in the clouds of tiny white flowers that spread wide in dainty beauty. 


Baby’s Breath essence offers the gift of the return of rhythmic gentle breath, sacred breath that helps you to be present in the moment and helps you to open to a softer more spacious mental perspective.

This essence offers you the amazing strength that comes from a balanced relationship with Time and a respect for Divine unfoldment of events. As you learn to let go of your need for control and meeting overly ambitious schedules, as you release the negative clouds of worry and fear, you are then able to open to the joy of simply being here, of contemplation and dreams. Ultimately, Baby’s Breath essence

helps us to release the tensions that have been programmed into your mind by an unhealthy society and transforms your perceptions so that you may experience the true grace and beauty of existence in this realm.

Then, as you begin to experience your life less tensely and more spaciously, your heart become more open, and you can float on the clouds of sweetness and experience Harmony within and without,

as your reverence for stillness is restored. 

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