Bear Butte

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Bear Butte

Physical & Spiritual Balance

Indications: Helps to absorb malignant physical energy while accelerating physical frequency to a place of Love, Harmony, and Spirit Consciousness.

“Hai So Poro” ~ the heart of everything that is.

Bear Butte

There is nothing heavy here. This is a place of lightness, a transition place between Earthbound pressure and Cosmic consciousness. The Wind and the Sun help to carry off the pressure of your physical body and the stress of life on the physical plane. The Earth here does more than simply absorb malignant energy, it pushes up your physical body to experience higher frequency and to more quickly accelerate to a state of Peace and Spirit Consciousness. There is a great presence of Love and Harmony as the Earth’s sacred identity has been honored and held by continuous prayer and ceremony.

The gift of this essence is the release of tension between your physical and spiritual identity, as it brings an almost instantaneous release of your self-absorbed pressures... and helps you to elevate your consciousness to a place of honor and prayer and to the recognition of yourself as beautiful and powerful spiritual manifestor who can impart truth and clarity onto the physical plane.

This, then, is an essence to support those willing to ask the Great Spirit for permission to change their shape on this Mother Earth, to pray with and for her own purposeful presence in one’s life. Asking for help opens your heart’s connections to other hearts. This is a beat we all know.

~Just outside of Sturgis, South Dakota is the Sacred Mato Paha or Bear Butte Mountain. The 4,426 foot mountain, rest on the northernmost part of the Black Hills. It has been a sacred site to Northern Plains Native Americans for thousands of years. It has long been used as a place to hold council meetings and ceremonies such as vision quests and Sun dances. The drums and chanting of the Sun Dance could be head during the making of this essence.~

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