Lion's Tail

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Lion’s Tail

(Leonotis leonurus)

Common names: Klip dagga, Christmas candlestick, lion's ear, Wild dagga,

Encourages freedom to engage in creative, spontaneous play & re-creation that is vital to happiness & life


Ou la’ la’ Lion’s Tail.....flamboyant, fun, regal.....this flower essence works with the showoff, exhibitionist energy in you and says: Shake your booty and have some fun! There is nothing traditional or calming about this flower as one orange shaggy plum gives way to another... and another. 

Too much attention to business ~ with its worries and cares ~ can dry up the creative spontaneous play within you. The essence of Lion’s Tail encourages the freedom to explore life unrehearsed and to engage in the impromptu of situation with joyful abandon. The Lion’s Tail essence helps you to surrender your reserve and reveal like a child at play in the re-creation that is vital to happiness and life! 

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