Sunburst Calcite

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Sunburst Calcite

Amplify Power Connection

Indications: Amplifies one's ability to connect to greater sources of Universal power... radiant, prayerful, grounding... use this to amplify any essence combination.

Calcite is an amplifier, and this essence was made directly on one of Earth’s active lei lines
during the effects of a Sun eruption.


January 24, 2004

On January 21 (new moon) there were numerous intricate spiraling loops hovering above the Sun’s west limb. This was one of the most spectacular prominences ever seen. On January 22 the prominence erupted hurling a billion-ton cloud of gas into space. January 24 is bright, cold and very sunny with about eight inches of fresh snow.

Calcite is an amplifier, and this essence was made directly on one of Earth’s active lei lines during the effects of a Sun eruption.This is a potent essence that can amplify your connection with greater sources of Universal Power..... Sun power, radiant power to charge your dreams, your hopes for the future and your daily prayers with Solar Energy. This is the Sun’s gift to us now, at a time when you may be running out of energy and finding it hard to remain radiant in the face of so much despair. It is now that you are needed more than ever, and you need to be potent and ready to be birthers of a new tomorrow..... an era of Peace, Healing, and Harmony with all life forms.

It is your responsibility as a human to ground Spiritual Energy here on the Earth plane. You are a spiritual manifestor who needs to harness and direct your energies in prayer for the protection and praise of the sacred energies of Life and Creation. You are a birther of visions and of babies, as all Nature reproduces its Life Force in glory. Your connection with the Solar and Cosmic Realms will remain invisible and vulnerable until you are able to take what is spiritual and holy and draw it through your body and pour it into the Earth through ceremony and prayer.

This is a time of disassociation, which can be seen in all of our human and non human relationships. Nature herself is becoming disassociated, not only because of the cumulative and destructive actions of humans but also because we, as humans, no longer see or hear the magic around us. What you do not see will cease to exist. The voices of Nature call out louder and louder, as we become more and more disconnected from our role as spiritual caretakers and guardians of this Earth.

This is an essence to amplify your prayers, to focus your spiritual energy into the Earth that supports you, to reconnect with the spiritual radiance of your own being and the physical and etheric energies that surround you. It has been given to us as a gift from the Sun, as the Solar Forces wish to potentize us at this critical time in the evolution of all life forms.

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