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Kiva Cave

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Kiva Cave

Sacred Space

Indications: Calls you to your own sacred space, helping you "carve out" down-time, alone-time or family-time that helps foster a true spiritual relationship.

New Mexico's Frijoles Canyon was formed by sporadic volcanoes over a 13 million year period that piled ash over 1000 feet high throughout the region. Rain compacted the ash, and over the next few hundred thousand years the Frijoles River carved out the ash. It left a canyon with a fertile bottom as well as fertile topland. The canyon walls of smooth, compressed ash are soft and easily carved, allowing early peoples to shape out shelter, storage and spiritual space for their communities. The compacted ash, with its high content of silica, together with the canyon's placement along potent  magnetic grid lines, gave special power and significance to this place.

The"Kiva Cave" flower essence was made within the canyon as early Spring light bathed the south facing canyon walls with comforting warmth. The Kiva Cave essence is an Earth essence that can support you in carving out a protected space where you can nurture your inner spirit and your connection to the spirit of Nature that surrounds you. This is a quieting essence that assists you in breathing deeper, slowing down and peacefully observing the wonder around. Like organic nutrients nurturing your body's sacred space, contemplative moments and reverent ceremony nurture the soul forces.

The ancients selected this place amid vast possibilities and carved out just enough space to protect, nurture and pray. The essence of Kiva Cave calls you to your own sacred inner space, helping you to "carve out" downtime, alone time, or family time that helps to foster a true spiritual relationship.

If you have been busy, unable to find your timeout for peace or live in a home space that is not being nurtured or cared for, allow yourself the nourishment of time to Find your sacred space, carve it out, and make it beautiful. This essence can help to cultivate your inner desire to hold space sacred.





Created from rain-compacted ash that came as showers from the turbulent forces of volcanoes, these canyon walls 
became sacred space to the ancients.


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