Sweet Annie

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Sweet Annie

(Artemisia annua)

Common names: Sweet Wormwood, Sweet Sagewort, Annual Mugwort, Annual wormwood, Huanghuahao

Change & Transition 

Indications: Addresses feelings such as loss or abandonment with great wisdom, understanding & strength.

Sweet Annie

You cannot always clearly see all possible options in a given situation or understand how or why you are in the situation to begin with. Often it is only in retrospect that you understand the reasons
and the lessons that needed to be learned from dramatic shifts.

Sweet Annie essence supports consciousness and an ability to respond to new currents and impulses with an open heart and sensitive understanding. It opens the mind to hear the voices of your destiny that can offer compassionate options to emotionally charged situations. It reminds you that there are many unseen beings that cause motion all around you, changing your path and perceptions each day. This essence helps us to align with your purpose. It helps your relationships unfold with grace and wisdom.

To step forward in trust when the ground beneath you is quaking s indeed an act of faith. Sweet Annie essence offers a hand to hold through the changing seasons. It reminds you of the great love and support that is here for you, love that will remain steadfast and strong through all the episodes of your human dramas.

Like a listening ear, a sympathetic touch, or a knowing look, this essence helps us to hold our pain in a place of deep understanding where you can address your feelings -- such as loss or abandonment – with great wisdom and strength. Then from this place of strength you can move forward in peace and trust, knowing that love is eternal, and, although you are not able to see your destiny, you can trust that when you act from this faithful space you will find your way through. Whatever the current trauma, you emerge wiser, clearer, and more compassionate – able to embrace a new destiny with a clearer understanding of God’s will and purpose in your life.

The Sweet Annie in our gardens can grow as large as a Christmas tree. My daughter Haniel is responsible for the large wild crop that graces our property every fall. Several years ago she was playing fairy with a large spray of Sweet Annie for a wand. She danced about the garden, tapping each flower, bush, rock and tree with her wand as the Sweet Annie seeds copiously poured forth, abundantly distributing to every nook and cranny. what a wonder to find this sweet-smelling plant growing everywhere the next summer!

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