Pearly Everlasting

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Pearly Everlasting

(Anaphalis margaritacea)

Common names:Western pearly everlasting, common pearly-everlasting


Indications: Valuable for or life changes in later life... creatively gleaning the wisdom of life experiences and honoring the past while creating new life plans that honor the present.

Pearly Everlasting essence works well with the layers of issues you may be facing during the progression of life changes that can surround the aging process. Retirement..... menopause..... loss of a beloved spouse..... life without children
are perhaps much talked about in circles of self-help but there are few, if any, good road maps available to help you negotiate the aging process holistically, so each of us must create our own. Yet it is often hard to remain centered..... clear-minded..... and open to spiritual guidance during transitions that have the potential to activate a deep emotions along with the transition. The essence of Pearly Everlasting works with the delicate layers of patterning that have created the essence of who you are. Years of trial..... prayer..... consciousness..... effort..... love and community create the unique flower that is you alone. Pearly Everlasting helps to hold the shrine of human memory that honors that which has been in reverence and respect. It helps you to learn to gracefully review life experiences and glean the wisdom offered, empowering you to move forward and make decisions that truly serve your unique advancing purpose creating new space for fulfillment.

Pearly Everlasting’s name is thought to derive from
long-lasting blossoms dried to grace the indoors through the winter months. The indigenous of North America have a variety of medicinal uses for this plant.

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