Garden Sage

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Garden Sage

(Salvia officinalis)


Divine Teacher

Indications: Evokes the sage within to access your learned wisdom to teach others from a place of guidance & support.

Garden Sage

Garden Sage essence supports the Divine Teacher within you, whatever your chosen profession. True teaching requires an ability to connect with the heart of your child or student. Only through the heart connection may you truly aid another to perceive and evolve to a new level of understanding. So teaching does indeed require love. True teaching also requires you to find a point of access to your inner student… yourself at a younger age, struggling and not yet the master of our will.

Garden Sage essence supports the wise teacher inside you. It teaches you to let go of your need to instruct, show, and prove your point. It helps you to understand your role as a guide and a supporter, and it releases you from your need for results. We all walk this Earth as teachers, as well as students. The Garden Sage essence allows you freer access to your own inner guides so that you may guide others as a true teacher of wisdom.



 “Sage” in Old English refers to a wise person and folk lore has it that Sage imparts wisdom and improves one’s memory.

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