Crested Dwarf Iris

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Crested Dwarf Iris

(Iris cristata)

Common names: Bog iris, wetland Iris, Crested Iris Native, American Dwarf Iris

Renewed Passion

Indications: Offers inspired passion & creative vision to those whose work or feelings have become cold & mechanical or stagnant & complacent.

Crested Dwarf Iris offers inspired passion & creative vision when work or feelings have become cold & mechanical or stagnant & complacent. The flower essence of the Crested Dwarf Iris is an electrifying spirit
that can renew your inner passion and restore your creative vision when you have lost your fire to business, boredom or complacency. Finding your dynamic creativity and inspiration daily requires a deep and ever-present spiritual joy that transcends restricting situations and flows like a geyser through your heart, enlivening your thoughts and feelings perpetually. When you lose your zeal, you lose your vision,
and the heart energies become apathetic and depressed. To remain passionate, you must learn to honor spiritual time and nourishment for your soul. Continual business and mechanical dutiful behavior
extinguish your dreams and your creative joy.

The word Iris is from the Ancient Greek language meaning "messenger from god" or alternately "rainbow". This little Iris is full of light, color and inspiration, this is her gift to the Earth and Humanity.

Crested Dwarf Iris flower essence offers renewal as she rekindles the radiant expression and deep soulfulness of your being by helping you to open your channels to the motivating life stream of Universal ecstasy ~ a life force that burns continually, consuming your thoughts, your feelings, your vision and granting your heart and your will forces the freedom of expression to keep alive Utopian ideals ~ to garden, to paint, to play music or to love with extraordinary passion and perpetual joy.


Tucked away in an Arkansas mountain valley, the iris dot the Spring landscape…like purple Angels, their little heads attentive and joyful, decorating the forest floor. The Crested Dwarf Iris is a small flower with a big personality.
Strikingly beautiful in form and color, she almost instantly draws your energies to fun and pursuit.

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