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Grass of Parnassus

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Grass of Parnassus

(Parnassia grandifolia)

Common names: Marsh Grass-of-Parnassus, Northern Grass-of-Parnassus, Bog-star, Starry White Flower, Bigleaf Grass-of-Parnassus,Large-Leaf Grass-of-Parnassus, Limeseep Parnassia

For Feelings Of Failure

Indications: For feelings of failure and that your past efforts have been in vain... giving up... not recognizing the wisdom gained in struggle... offers optimism in tough situations.

Growing in the crevices of rocks on the North shore of Lake Superior, the Grass of Parnassus offers a clear voice of optimism and persistence to meet emotions caused by inner feelings of failure and personal disappointment.
Confusion and chaos often create the smoke that keeps you from seeing the true impact of your gifts on those around you. When you are operating between and a rock and a hard place, your growth in consciousness may seem minute,
but in the long view these hard surfaces of life challenge can offer you a Strength and Self-Knowledge that creates the deep well of human experience that makes each of us truly valuable.

The Grass of Parnassus essence helps you to understand that we are all diamonds in the rough, and it is only through exposure to the elements of Challenge that we will be polished and faceted into the gem stones we long to see in the mirror. The Grass of Parnassus essence encourages you to get up and try again, allowing your past failures and future challenges to serve as your foundation and strength, providing you with the Wisdom to move forward in Confidence.



 Though the botanical name of this wildflower we are calling ‘Grass of Parnassus’ is still a mystery to us, the qualities of
the flower are unveiled in many ways. Growing in narrow cracks and crevices of granite rock near the water’s edge of
Lake Superior on the north shore, this wildflower speaks of the beauty that can thrive in challenging circumstances.




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