Western Bistort

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Western Bistort

(Bistorta bistortoides)

Common names: Adderwort, Dragonwort, Easter Giant,Easter Ledge, Gentle Dock, Osterick, Oysterloit, Passion Dock, Pink Pokers, Pudding Grass, Water WedgesSnakeweed, Meadow Bistort, Poor Man's Cabbage, Snakeroot

Fear Of Success

Indications: For fear of success and greatness that causes you to keep your visions too small.

This tall white-plumed grass-like flower growing in a sub-Alpine meadow near Glacial lakes and waterfalls can aid you if you are holding back your own Destiny, fearing the power of the Greatness of your vision 

and your potential for success and notoriety.

This fear of not being able to hold it all together may keep you creating and visioning small, manageable projects while your true potential may never be achieved. The Western Bistort stands tall and pure, swaying gently with the wind, high above all other flowers at this altitude Its flower essence helps to hold you to the lofty Greatness of your highest vision, supporting you in creating the structure you need to obtain such heights ~ structure that does not depend on you alone but requires your trust and dedicated action to achieve the  possibilities of noble dreams.

 A member of the Buckwheat Family, Western Bistort grows up to 28 inches tall in wet mountain meadows and along streams at elevations of 5000-9000 feet.

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