September Crab Apple

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September Crab Apple

Spiritual Focus

Indications: For realizing all things are possible and feeling supported in missions of faith and hope.


This essence was made with both the flowers and the crab apples as the tree was found in full bloom in late September boasting simultaneously both Spring blossoms and Fall Crab Apples! 
Unfortunately the photographs of the blossoms on the tree have been mysteriously lost along with the negatives
so we are left with a scanned (but beautiful) picture.


September Crab Apple
September 28, 2003

I sit here on familiar land, this land that I have prayed with for years, land that has been tuned and blessed, land that has changed from an industrial site to beautifully tended flower gardens, honored centennial trees, blessed rocks, and transformed buildings offering light and spirit.

It is September 28, Autumn in Michigan which means cool nights, warm days and leaves beginning to change color with the air now nippy and fresh with the changing season. I sit here with a crab apple tree that is full of fruit yet also covered with Spring leaves and blossoms.

We have come to a time in history when we are required to give our all and to not use old standards for what is possible. All things are possible to those who believe and understand this.
This essence supports the heart in its knowing, in its believing and releases us from the need for proof.
The proof is in the pudding, as my mother used to say. If you provide your effort, your wisdom,
your heart into the process the results will bear fruit.

This essence speaks that the time is now for you and all of humanity to transcend old paradigms and that the time and pace of all life has quickened.
You are living in a whirlwind of change that may feel daunting because you are moving fast now.
This is good. Take this essence to help you stay in your heart
and to feel the Divine support of Nature through this process. This is an essence to help you release your fears that you can’t do it, that you can’t keep up.
You can.
You are supported in your holy missions.
Stay focused, believe and expect a miracle.

With love from an old crab.

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