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EMF Balance Tincture

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EMF Balance

Cell Phones, Computers, Nuclear Radiation

EMF Balance™ offers us protection, clarity and peace as we seek balance and stability in a changing world. Helps us adjust to radiation (nuclear or electromagnetic) & electromagnetic fields (cell phones, computers) in our environment.


Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) exist within our bodies and they surround the Earth, allowing energy to intelligently communicate through our nervous system and the earth's gridlines. It is only now, after polluting and disrupting these natural energy flows with the powerful toys and technology of our culture, that we are finding our own electrical systems disrupted and diseased. Anxiety, headaches, an inability to sleep or think clearly, or depression may be the result of extended exposure to unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies that affect the subtle bodies and the internal messaging of the physical body.

We have nowhere to hide from this frenetic age and its erratic frequencies. Our own body's EMF is not able to adjust to meet the fast pace of the environmental changes around us. Intuitively, we know these technologies are somehow toxic, yet we also need to stand strong and participate in the modern world. EMF Balance helps us adjust by strengthening our auric field and allowing the power of Nature to hold us safe and sound.

Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)
  • Lake Superior Sand - a purifier that recharges and cleanseshellip; relieves burnout, helpful to sensitives.
  • Mountain Pulsatilla - brings us back into our heart, clearing whiney, critical or fidgety behavior; helps to elevate our view to see the heaven around us.
  • Spiderwort - helps to heal the holes in the auric body created by negative EMF influences.
  • Beach Sunflower - offers inner strength and self-healing in unsupportive environments.
  • Pyramid Point - helps one to experience a stronger connection to Angelic protection and guidance.
  • Pokeweed - enhances one's life force, energy, endurance and willhellip; helpful to those who continually give away their energy in service and healing; replenishing.
  • Enchanted Rock - grounds and connects one's body to the deep healing forces of the Earth; may be placed on disrupted areas of the Earth to restore Earth's sacred energies and promote healing along gridlines.
  • Monkshood - releases fright, anxiety and world tensionhellip; promotes clear thinking and positive, calm emotions.
  • Elephanthead - calms the need to talk excessively; releases tension caused by listening to or participating in "incessant chatter"hellip; soothes cell phone fatigue.
  • Mercury Transit - groundinghellip; balances states of "foggy brain" confusion; aligns one's mind with the active capacity to intuit sharp-witted, wise decisions and receive clear thoughts.
  • Yellow Saxifrage - addresses the helplessness one feels as a recipient of the unregulated, invasive and increasingly prevalent layers of EMF in one's environment; helps heal the core feeling of victimization while restoring a deep current of loving-heart energy that radiates out - as healing, warming and nurturing as sunshine.
  • Yellow Dock - promotes a strong sense of self while instilling an ability to stand tall and comfortably in situations of competition or lack of supporthellip; helps one to comfortably stare at a computer screen without losing life energy to it.
  • Star Gentian - helps one stay open and optimistic towards changehellip; allows one the inner flexibility to come into alignment with new technology and a changing world.
  • Bear Butte - helps to absorb malignant frequencies while elevating one's physical energies to a place of love, harmony and spirit consciousness.


The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. Theses products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners.


copyright © 2010 by Merri Walters Great Lakes Sacred Essences

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  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Ana on Jun 4th 2024

    I love the results, I am emf sensitive and this tincture helps me with it. It keeps me more clear headed and calm.

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