Star Gentian

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Star Gentian

(Swertia perennis)

Common names: Felwort, Alpine Bog Gentian,  African Cornlily, 

Optimism Towards Change

Indications: For feelings of anger, blame or fear towards a life change or necessary life transition. Promotes inner courage to face one's own feelings around the change and an ability to feel gratitude towards those who offer help and the blessings offered in the present.

The lovely indigo Star Gentian flower offers a blessing of love and healing to those whose hearts and minds are being consumed by feelings of bitterness. Despair stemming from a perceived loss of property, personal power or independence due to a change in your health, wealth, job or living situation can create deep-seated anger towards the situation and those individuals involved.

Engaging in an Earthly incarnation requires the soul to participate in a gamut of changing dynamics as the soul is progressed through a lifetime of challenging roles with divergent scripts. Illness, misfortune or age-related decline may necessitate changes in one's living situation or promote the need for assistance as one can no longer adequately care for one's self.

If the soul does not at some level accept the challenge and the need for change, one may view the situation as unfair or undeserved and look outwardly to ferret out the source of their inner pain. Resentment towards  caregivers, employers, government or even God is an effort to anesthetize personal fear of change by detracting energies from self-responsibility to world blame. Life offers no insurance policy against painful situations or challenging events. If you are to step forward at all you will meet something new.

The Star Gentian flower essence meets those whose fear of change is so great they plunge backward into a place that no longer exists.Being so entirely obsessed with one’s own problems, one’s ability to be compassionate or accept the help of others is occluded, often by escalating anger and a spiral of dark non-rational thoughts. The confining emotional energy of holding on to one’s past so tightly interrupts one’s ability to feel gratitude for the blessings of present experiences. The sunshine moments of one’s life are unfelt as one is lost to mental and emotional confusion, furthering the despair and depression consuming one’s personality while those who try to help one progress may receive criticism, blame or even rage for their efforts.

The Star Gentian essence works with the core of these emotions, helping the heart to find solace and a sense of understanding that penetrates one’s grief like an understanding friend who can hold one’s hand while encouraging the next step.Gently promoting inner courage to both face and own one’s own feelings around change, the essence meets one’s emotions of situational betrayal by challenging a basic belief ~ that one has the “right to” continue experiencing what one has “already” experienced.

Spiritual growth requires one’s life to continue as an evolutionary journey, perpetually offering opportunities for new growth, blessings, deeper love and opportunities for peace. Supporting one’s perceptive abilities to experience life openly and gracefully, the Star Gentian essence can help to recover one’s optimism during times when one is required to make a transition.

As the personality begins to accept its own responsibility for self condition and life experience, one’s emotions regain flexibility, motivating the adaptability to experience one’s new situation with consideration for both self and others.

Strengthening one’s capacity to feel a sense of both Divine trust and self-acceptance of responsibility provides the bridge that restores one’s feelings of personal integrity and power.

Aligning one’s self-will with Divine will, the soul can experience transition as an opportunity for progress, promoting gratefulness and allowing blessings to flow!

A smaller plant among tall grasses, Star Gentian shines an indigo glow in mountain elevations and wet soils.

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