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Lake Superior Sand

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Lake Superior Sand


Indications: A purifier, sand refines and redefines, allowing for transformation... helpful with issues where you have been trying or struggling to make the change for a long time.


Lake Superior Sand

Sand has always been used as a purifier, and there is a reason for this. If you look closely Sand is really infinite tiny crystals, and each crystal holds its own matrix of electromagnetic purity so that Water, as it passes through the Sand, is electrically recharged or ionized and cleansed. Laying on the Sand you will be cleansed. 

Lake Superior Sand, like other sands, is a gift from the Rock People ~ the giants who have allowed themselves to be worn down over eons.

The gift Sand gives to us is transformation. It is especially helpful with long term issues
where you have been trying to make the changes for a long time. Sand moves with the Wind, with the Water. It cannot be stuck. As it has been smoothed by the Water,
it is now able to smooth and sand out your rough edges.

With the cleansing and recharging properties of Sand you can drop the weight from your emotional body and allow your energies to be sifted through this deep Sand deposit
as it recharges both your emotional and your physical body.

Lake Superior, deep and wild and free ~ with only about 100 ships daring to work on this,
the largest fresh water lake in the world ~ is ever crashing against the shore, ever tumbling these rocks smoother and smaller until finally we have Sand, soft and perfect...... tiny crystals to comfort your feet, to mold to your body and to hold the warm of the Sun close to your every curve.

Sand refines and redefines. It is the Rock Kingdom’s water element. With all the properties of Rock, it is fluid, shifting effortlessly with the tides, with the wind, with the weight of your foot. Sand teaches refinement...... that on this path you are constantly asked to hone, to move, to give way to something greater.

As your once-powerful mountain of a problem becomes the infinity of fluid Sand,
you are purified, freed from your struggle and brought into something much greater.




Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes of North America, is also the world's largest freshwater lake by surface area, and the third largest freshwater lake by volume. Where ocean sand is often bone, shell and coral based, the Sand of the Great Lakes is rock based, made up of 90% silica, a pure form of quartz crystal. Feldspar can be seen in the sand as pink or grey flecks.  


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