Pyramid Point

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Pyramid Point

Guardian Angels

Indications: Helps you to experience a stronger connection to Angelic protection and guidance... aids your relationship and communication with Angels.

Pyramid Point

This essence was made along the Northern Michigan shore of Lake Michigan on the top of a dune ridge (Sleeping Bear) that drops dramatically 500 feet to the calm teal and aqua of the Lake. Meditating here years before I had received a beautiful vision in which I was taken under the surface of the Lake to a birthing space for Angels. The angels were literally coming out of the Earth here and moving outward into the Lake. I was told that this had been happening here since time immemorial and if you watch the surface of the Lake here you can see their energy swirling out in a clockwise direction.

Celestial Beings being born of Earth through Water..... I see them being born here still, and they identify themselves as Angels..... dispersing on missions to Guard and to Guide, to sit up with your sick child, to protect you from a fall...... Beautiful...... the Earth and Lake are birthing Angels continuously.

This essence reminds you that those who have the High View are watching over you in multitudes during these turbulent days. The ground beneath you may feel unstable and you may feel lost from your family or the support systems that you have relied upon when in reality a greater unseen Family is clearly watching your every move, guarding you in all directions.

This essence can help to quell your anxiety, fret, and worry, and it offers protection in dangerous or frightening situations. Pyramid Point helps to strengthen your contact with and connection to the Angelic Realm, particularly those who have come to help humanity transition through these difficult times.

Pyramid Point, in what is probably the most remote corner of the Sleep Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, offers breathtaking vistas of Lake Michigan from high above the bluffs of a sand dune rising almost straight out of the water. The panoramic view sweeps across vast stretches of clear water with islands in the distance, including South Manitou Island with its lighthouse, North Manitou Island, and South Fox Island.

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