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Mercury Transit

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Mercury Transit

November 8, 2006

Balances a sense of clumsiness, unfocused thought or confusion… helps you to feel clear, sharp-witted and grounded, promoting precise, wise action

Mercury is known for causing chaos when you are out of alignment with its very quick moving intelligent energy. Mercury retrograde, which we experience three to four times a year, has been blamed for everything from money loss to depression.

Transits of Mercury occur at the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde period. There are only thirteen Mercury transits in a century, and their vibrational effect is more like an eclipse on the human energy field. The energy imparted in the Mercury Transit essence is helpful to balance the confusion caused by not paying attention to the Earthly maze or the feeling of being ungrounded. As the mighty hero Mercury moves swiftly across the Sun’s surface it offers an essence that can grant an astute and intuitive sense of guidance to those who need sure-footed expeditious movement. The instinctual clear focus accessible with the essence aids those who fear attack from adversaries or enemies, both seen and unseen.

The Mercury Transit essence works to align your mind with its active capacity to make sharp-witted, wise decisions and receive clear thoughts. This is particularly helpful in competitive or dangerous situations where you are challenged to act brusquely and precisely, avoiding distraction which could cause accident or misfortune.

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