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Great Lakes
Sacred Essences

Flower Essences


Energizing Flower Essences

Flower Essences Combinations

Blends of flower essences intuitively selected to support universal human experiences

Combination Essences are available as tinctures and as sprays. Tinctures are prepared in dosage potency, respectfully holding flower essences in prayer-intoned spring water with organic brandy added as a preservative. Sprays have essential oils for further protective, grounding & harmonizing effects.

Stock Essences

Great Lakes Sacred Essences offers 267 individual stock essences - essence tinctures prepared in stock potency, a step closer to the mother tincture than dosage potency. These may be used by practitioners and novices alike to create specific combinations to suit particular needs. Stock essences may be taken directly from the bottle or can be diluted in a dosage bottle or water glass.

Flower Essence Sets

Sets of stock essences are available in many configurations to support both the professional and the amateur in their healing work. Stock essence sets are investments that can last many, many years and be used to create individual combinations for family members and clients.

The Difference Between Tinctures and Sprays