Pilot Mountain

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Pilot Mountain


  (North Carolina)


 Indications: A useful essence when preparing for a test, an interview, an initiation, a challenge or a journey. Helps you to release your resistance to the ambition before you, gather the strength of your wisdom and move towards your dreams with confidence. 


 You have come to Mother Earth with both talents and aspirations, yet sometimes you may feel clouded or muddled as to how to find the path to your dreams. Stepping forward you may feel like perhaps you are not wise enough, studied enough or committed enough to the changes you will be asked to make and the dream becomes cloudy again.

 Pilot Mountain is often shrouded in cloudy cover. Native American tales tell of a lazy man who was invited to come to the hidden city within the mountain where people lived in peace free of sickness and there was plenty for all, by a people who were invisible. He was asked to fast for seven days to purify himself first and they would come back for him at the end of his fast. Only hearing the voices of those who invited him, he was inspired and although his tribe had considered him lazy he immediately began his fast. After seven days of fasting the invisible people returned. Having purified himself he was now able to see his new friends and traveled

 with them through the hidden passageway into the mountain. Here he lived with the good people for a while until he decided to return to his tribe and invite them to this blissful land. His tribe at first did not believe him but as he stayed with them longer began to recognize that wisdom and integrity emanated from their former resident and they were intrigued by the idea of a land of plenty where all lived in peace.

 Deciding to join him they prepared themselves by fasting for seven days after which they too were met by the people from under the mountain and led through the secret doorway into the beautiful land of peace and prosperity.

Having vision and goals of what you would like to achieve or how and where  you would like to live and what peace and prosperity you would like to experience are the foundations of happiness. It’s important to remember that transitions in your life will require preparation whether it be fasting, studying or planning and reaching your vision will also require belief. The Pilot Mountain flower essence inspires the will forces within you to do your work and prepare for the journey ahead.

 How easy it is to whine about what you want or don’t have and yet be unwilling to do the work to get there. Whether you are wishing to be healthier, slimmer, own your own house, work your dream job, pass your next test or achieve your PHD. All of these goals require focus and sacrifice. The tribes “lazy man” decided that he wanted to live in the “Nirvana” of Pilot Mountain so much he was willing to pray and fast for the seven days as required for the appropriate cleansing to experience his dream. Reaching his dream he came back to invite others to share his bliss.

 The flower essence of Pilot Mountain inspires the will forces within you to do your work, to prepare for the future that you would like to see for yourself. This is an excellent flower essence to take when you are studying for an exam or creating plans to reach your goals. The essence helps you to move through the mist of worry or procrastination and to become focused on what it is you really want and committed to whatever it will take to get you there.

Pilot Mountain, a metamorphic quartzite monadnock rising to a peak 2,421 feet above sea level, is one of the most distinctive natural features in the U.S. state of North Carolina. It is a remnant of the ancient chain of Sauratown Mountains.


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