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Bald Cypress

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Bald Cypress

(Taxodium distichum)

Common names: Baldcypress, Swamp Cypress, White Cypress, Tidewater Cypress, Gulf Cypress


Indications: Helpful when you feel that others are trying to win at your expense or literally attempting to strangle your energies and keep you in a position of weakness and submission. 

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a National Audubon Society sanctuary located in southwest Florida, in the United States. The sanctuary was established to protect the largest remaining stands of bald cypress and pond cypress in the world from extensive logging that was ongoing throughout the 1940s and 1950s.


Cypress trees grow throughout the world and are common in the Middle East where they are believed to connect heaven and earth with there pyramid shape pointing towards heaven. The bald cypress in southern Florida grow in groves in the swamplands surrounded by shallow water that teams with plant and animal life. Because their wood does not rot in wet conditions they can grow for hundreds of years and even when dead still can be seen in sculptured shapes throughout the swampland.


Here in corkscrew swamp sanctuary the birds and wildlife seem unaffected by their human visitors, going about their daily tasks. Sometimes giving the humans a curious glance then returning to their own endeavors. 

As the last stand of elder surviving bald cypress trees these survivors are living in a whole ecosystem of life and community. Everything here is teaming with energy and both harmony and healthy competition. 

The strangler vine especially thrives by winding around the cypress trees and competing for nutrients and light. The older the cypress tree the more and larger of these vines it may have. 


Like the cypress tree you must learn to thrive regardless of competition. Sometimes it may feel like the people or events of your life are working against you, your competition may be literally trying to harm you in order to win the game themselves. The Bald Cypress teaches you how you can maintain your strength and resilience to out last and endure through the struggle.

The Bald Cypress has evolved its bark in layers to protect the tree from swamp waters, bugs and animals. Sometimes it is helpful in today’s world to have a thicker skin, shielding your sensitivities against the harsh realities of modern life. Sometimes even the mildest among us must become warriors to protect ourselves or our cause. The Cypress tree flower essence offers you the wisdom to pull up the rich nutrients of Mother Earth's swamp below to fuel your energy and prepare you for the test ahead. She teaches that you can be successful in your endeavours by preventing your adversaries rom suppressing your spirit and will. It is not possible to avoid all of life’s challenges or to hide from others who wish to profit from your loss. In order to confront your foes you must keep yourself rooted in the wisdom that understands the swamp around you. You must gather the strength of your integrity and hone your skills to outlast your competition. The Bald Cypress flower essence is your perfect ally to strengthen your confidence in yourself to not only survive but to win.

The world’s largest old-growth bald cypress forest has been protected as a sanctuary by the Audubon society since the early 1950’s when loggers were aggressively clearing the largest and best trees from Florida’s swampland destroying delicate ecosystems that had flourished for thousands of years. There are a range of tree sizes and spacing between the trees. The feathered crowns of the tallest trees soar above subanopies of pond Apple and Pop Ash trees. Lilies and ferns carpet the ground while a wide range of rare orchids cling to the trees. 

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