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Calm Down Organic Massage Oil

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Calm Down Organic Massage Oil

Anger, Impatience, Upset

Our Flower Essences combined with Organic Essential Oils in a base of Organic Jojoba Oil creates a soothing Massage Oil made just for you!

Massage it gently into your skin or roll it on directly, in areas where you feel tension, pain, soreness, or irritation. 

As our massage oil touches your skin, you take in the supportive qualities of the flower essences and harmonizing effects of the essential oils. Calm Down Helps to soothe your skin from mild irritation and breakouts. It relaxes the body's muscles from tension due to stress and helps you to calm down and release your anxieties. 

The Calm Down flower essence was designed to soothe and bring balance to those who are prone to react with anger or rage and "blow up" inappropriately in situations that cause them stress. Supporting an ability to come back into their heart, it helps them to adapt gracefully, to slow down, to trust and to consider before reacting. With the settling of strong emotions and the strengthening of self-esteem, one finds the recipe for balanced relationships & peaceful communication.

Flower Essence Combination:

  • Beach Sunflower - helpful when one is living in an unsupportive or toxic environment… helps to evoke inner strength & courage to become strong and the source of one's own healing as well as a healing force in one's family & community.
  • Chickweed - supports one in releasing grumpy, cross emotions while easing feelings of inequity… opens one to embrace supportive community, allowing grace, humor & sunshine to return.
  • Dame's Rocket - helpful in clearing the energy field after one has been overexposed to violent or disturbing media images or negative virtual stimuli… aids in clearing the nervous system & subconscious, restoring calm and peace
  • Fountain of Youth - helps one to advance through emotional blocks that have interrupted normal maturation & physical, emotional & cognitive development.
  • Luciferian - addresses volcanic anger that comes from the depths of one's being & can arise suddenly in uncontrollable fire… helps one route out the source of one's feelings & meet the demon within with patience, calmness & self-reflection.
  • Echinacea - helps bring healing to those with bitter, cynical, attacking or parasitical dispositions who have had severing experiences of trauma, violence or separation… establishes a feeling of support & nurturance at one's core while helping one send down roots to connect to this Earth & link to the whole.
  • Red Clover - grounding for those who are too much in their minds & tend towards hysterical tantrums or anger attacks as they overreact from an immature emotional body… helps one use hands constructively & bring ideas into clear communication.
  • Viburnum - helps one feel safe & protected with a clear sense of energetic boundaries… especially supports survivors of abuse or harsh conditions.
  • White Avens - calms tantrums & self-destructive behavior… helps one learn to settle intense feelings… initiates self-esteem and helps one to learn to communicate feelings in appropriate ways.

Essential Oils:

  • Bitter Orange [Italy, wild-crafted] - works to balance emotions, calm nerves & dissipate depressing thoughts… eases fear while dispelling tension, stress & angry feelings… happy, positive, joyful.
  • Silver Fir Needle[Austria, wild-crafted] - releases stressful feelings while lifting the spirits… helps one to feel clearer, calmer & more open, giving one space to think… supports one in feeling grounded while allowing healing energy to penetrate the heart… releases the tension that can give rise to anger & emotional outbursts.
  • Roman Chamomile [U.S.A., organic practices] - helps to calm anger & anxiety while encouraging a sense of inner peacefulness… dispels feelings of frustration, hysteria or stressful emotions… relaxes overactive mind.
  • Rosewood [Brazil, wild-crafted] - eases overall anxiety & nervousness… promotes tolerance & appreciation of others as well as self-acceptance… balances mood swings… supports healing to those who have suffered physical or emotional abuse… promotes peaceful, positive feelings.
  • Zinziba [South Africa, wild-crafted] - soothes heated emotions & relieves feelings of vulnerability… reduces the trapped feelings brought on by anxieties & phobia
  • Vanilla [Madagascar, traditional] - calming & stress-reducing… very comforting… helps one to feel more secure and "at home" in their body and on Earth.
  • Honey [Canada, wild-crafted] - naturally relaxing, warm & wonderful… reminds one that life is sweet… encourages one's sunnier, kinder side to shine.





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