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Calendar Combinations 4oz Spray Set

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Calendar Combinations 4oz Spray Set

All 12 of our monthly combination essences in 4oz spray bottles with harmonizing essential oils

**Everything used in making this product is 100% Organic or Wild-Crafted**

An Essence for every month....

As the wheel of the seasons turns and the world around us changes, so too do we share collective experiences as we cycle through the year. Our Calendar Combinations Essences were conceived as a medley of 12, each special to a month of the year, though they can be of help and support at any time!

Flower Essences Included:

  • January – Sacred Renewal balances chakras while replenishing emotional and physical energy after depletion due to stress, exhaustion, overwork, emotional trauma or illness.
  • February – Open Heart supports the heart with the courage to heal pain, grief and emotional wounding, helping one forgive and reconnect to the full stream of cosmic love. It allows the power of love to flow abundantly from an open heart.
  • March – Sacred Breath enhances meditation and prayer by opening the breath, clearing negative vibrations, and forming strong protective energies. It helps create the radiant space both in our surroundings and within us that settles the mind, focuses the heart, and directs the spirit forces on the Divine, thus supporting our spiritual growth.
  • April – Sacred Home is clearing, focusing and intentional, working to shed personal negativity or depressive energies around household tasks. It enables one to do needed, focused and brightening house cleaning with an attitude of love, clarity and joy. Create space that radiates health and balance!
  • May – Miracles supports us in transcending limiting thought patterns of fear, futility and over-analyzation. It aligns us with the courage and belief necessary to experience miracles.
  • June – Sacred Circle aids individuals in connecting to others in a heartfelt, committed way. It provides harmonizing support for groups on a common path, such as families, classrooms or work communities.


  • July – Radiant Life encourages self-esteem, inner strength and confidence. It supports the courageous transcendent human within.
  • August – Sacred Journey encourages balance and protection during travel and expansive journeys It grounds and revives one's energies in new places while encouraging intuitive judgment and action.
  • September – Essential Clarity supports focus, attention and cognitive clarity while encouraging a greater sense of organization, self-esteem and inner peacefulness.
  • October – Abundant Life supports prosperity, gratitude and sharing while helping release learned beliefs that keep one in stress and worry over survival issues. It refocuses one's energies on the prosperity, beauty and joy here on Earth.
  • November – Essentially Fluless balances the emotions and etheric body, helping protect subtle energies in ways that can deter and lessen illness.
  • December – Sacred Season supports spiritual and emotional harmony during holidays and other gatherings throughout the year. Spray your home, yourself, your gifts and above the table for your gatherings. Allow the sacred intent of your hearts to be held by Nature herself in this powerful essence.

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