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First Snow

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First Snow

Spiritual Rebirth

 Indications: Finding yourself perpetually busy and overwhelmed, helps you to find the time and space for spiritual quiet and nourishment.


First snow arouses many feelings inside you. There is a distinctive smell to snow as the world becomes frozen and white -almost a feeling of enchantment as you look up and see the shimmering crystals surround you, lightly touching your face with icy freshness. The whiteness and purity of snow symbolizes a spiritual awakening and cleansing. The first snow is associated with magical properties in many northern cultures, a time when wishes can become a reality and it was often used in healing potions and sauves. It marks the beginning of time when the fertile Earth takes her rest and farmers can find time to play.


 The First Snow flower essence offers a time of rest from all the busyness of modern life. It beckons you to go inside yourself and find time for introspection and spiritual alignment. Sometimes you need quiet and a walk in the moonlight with the winter snow fairies fluttering around you. The world has become so noisy and distracting. There is nothing like the crystalline frozen breath of winter on your checks to remind you of the spiritual being that you truly are.


First snow encourages you to find the time to read a book, to contemplate, to be still. The world has become frozen and white, allow yourself to also stop and return to your pure, clear, reflective and spiritualized nature.



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