Lake Superior Psychic

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Lake Superior Psychic

Energy & Cleansing

Indications: Offers constant source of pure deep energy and support... deeply cleansing and purifying to one's aura after intense growth or spiritual work... the clarity of Peace.

Vast and deep and cold, Lake Superior, (‘Gitchigami’ ~ BIg Water) in the heart of North America, is the largest freshwater lake in the world. Long held sacred, the Lake offers a palpable magic.

Lake Superior Psychic

The waters of this Lake have challenged the best seamen and it is said to be more unpredictable than any ocean. this morning she is as smooth as glass, gentle and clear to the bottom. As for the name "Psychic" this was the name the Lake offered for this essence saying,"this is my psychic ~ or my eyes that see beyond all that is physical."

From the depths of her pure cold center ~ the eyes of the Lake ~ you are offered a gentle and wise peace, a peace unrelated to external events, unfettered with the comings and goings of surface storms. Here she offers you a clarity and a trust that you will be eternally fed by the waters of Life, purified and forgiven, as your past is now gone and you plunge into cold pure water.

There is nothing that can hold on in the presence of Her transparent numbing essence. You are clean, you are new, you are revived.


The essence of Lake Superior Psychic works to support your journey. It is for seekers who wish to deepen their spirituality, she offers to assist your missions helping you to find the resources you need to be effective in the world. Her message is "seek wisdom and do not be afraid of challenge. I will support. I will cleanse. I will renew. I will give you my Life Force."

The essence is especially helpful when you feel you are engaged in an important, yet challenging mission. She is a sustainer that offers you a constant sense of support. Deeply cleansing the essence can be used to help purify your energy field after body work or spiritual sojourning. Also valuable to children during "growth spurts." It is helpful at times of change, growth, intensity, or indoctrination.



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