Lake Superior

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Lake Superior

Wisdom vs. Struggle

Indications: Deeply supportive the Lake helps you to release the struggles that keep you preoccupied while offering profound Peace... the doorway to the Great Spirit.

Water is truly wisdom and Lake Superior holds a deep, deep clear Wisdom. There never was a gentler, more peaceful day on the lake than the day we made this essence with the water flat and crystal was speaking peacefully and clearly with the strength of her depths.

This essence is for you who are truly ready to see, who are no longer afraid of the unknown but are ready to sit peacefully and watch the great mysteries unfold..... no longer distracted by the irritations of the Earth plane.

Lake Superior offers Profound Peace, the doorway to Initiation and the Mysteries of the Cosmos. This essence can also be extremely helpful for you if you are caught up in struggle, you seek Wisdom, seek Depth, seek to know the Truths of all time but as you find yourself in Perfection ~ your hearts desire ~ you become preoccupied by the flies that are there also.

Lake Superior brings you a soothing soft coolness to wash away your sharp edges..... to round you like a stone..... to break you down into Sand to become the Earth herself ~ the Vessel to hold this great Lake..... this great Mystery..... this gentle day.
This is all done with such Grace, Power, and profound Healing that you will be purified..... and you will never be the same again.

Made on an 85o day on a sandy beach on the South shore of Lake Superior. The Lake here has a red sandstone bottom breaking into maybe 20 miles of red sandy beach including Sand dunes on the Lake shore. An underground Spring is bubbling through the Rocks and emptying into the Lake here. I have never seen this mighty giant of a Lake so peaceful.

Fed by over 200 rivers, Lake Superior is the deepest of the Great Lakes, averaging almost 500 feet in depth. National Parks, National Lakeshores & Provincial Parks with names like Sleeping Giant, Pictured Rocks, and Isle Royale hug the Lake’s shores or rest within her waters. Sculpted by wind, ice, and waves the multi-colored sandstone cliffs of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore display breathtaking castles in the air and bridges over sometimes still, oft-times turbulent, all-times cold water.

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