Yellow Jasmine

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Yellow Jasmine

(Gelsemium sempervirens)

Apathy, Tired Withdrawn

Indications: feeling shy, tired and/or withdrawn. Performance anxiety.

Feeling tired and withdrawn are good reasons to consider this flower essence. Worries about an upcoming test, performance or social gathering would also be a good indication that this is your essence.

Yellow Jasmine grows as a vine up trees and in thick mats on the sandy forest floor. It’s vines dangle, swaying in the near ocean breezes. Without scent it hides its potential as though asleep or simply slacking from its flowery duties.

The Yellow Jasmine essence works with feelings of apathy, fear of exposure and general quietness, when you would rather just be left alone to read a good book or take a long lonely walk in the woods. These feelings are not necessarily negative unless you are using them to avoid doing something that should be done or meeting some problem that should be met, or talking to someone when the conversation is important.

Withdrawing from the world to reflect and meditate is food for the soul and nourishment for the mind and heart, whereas hiding from the world may be just that. Yellow Jasmine flower essence helps you to wake up and return to life, embracing responsibilities, challenges, and relationships and therein living a real life.

This North American southeastern native high climbing vine has glossy evergreen leaves, trumpet-shaped flowers and is loved by butterflies and hummingbirds, yet its poison has been said to occasionally kill honey bees that have collected the flowers pollen. The odorless yellow flowers grow in swamps from North Carolina to Florida.

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