Yellow Crocus

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Yellow Crocus

Gusto, Drive, Exuberance

Indications: Offers gusto, drive and exuberance for new beginnings.

This is the Yellow Crocus on the first day of Spring here in Michigan….. 65o and sun.
Yesterday was bitter cold, and tomorrow snow is predicted.

 Yellow Crocus is the essence for new beginnings, fresh starts, new joy after the trials of Winter have left us. It offers you new energy and helps you to emerge playfully from the introspection of the dark cold months of Winter.

Crocus is a little flower with clear determination to shoot up as the first flower in Spring’s energetic marathon. So Crocus has the ability to impart to humans
this quality of gusto, drive, and exuberance. To look at a Crocus is to smile, to say yes to life, to feel a joy and anticipation of the goodness of all life in its renewal.
Crocus essence can give you the pluck to give it a go and to smile brightly back as you express your own inner Sun and emerge from times of contemplation, reflection or depression inspired and with newfound vitality.

 Crocus are native to the Alps, southern Europe, and the Mediterranean area and grow in a wide range of 
habitats, including woodland, scrub and meadows. The name derives from Greek ‘krokos,’ a Semitic loanword 
(Hebrew ‘karkom,’ Aramaic ‘kurkama,’ Persian and Arabic ‘kurkum’, all meaning saffron or saffron yellow).

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