Healing Waters

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Healing Waters

Healing & Transformation

Indications: Supports deep healing and transformation in all areas of one's life.

At the waters of Lake Michigan, the Sun set behind the Sleeping Bear sand dunes,
casting an enlivened golden glow in its direction
and, with the help of water droplets in the Sky,
creating Rainbow in the direction opposite it (see the last photo for this essence).
What amazing co-creation there was that day by Water, Sun and Sky.

Healing Waters

Among the sacred waters in this essence are:

Alaskan Glacier Water All Nations Healing Waters Agawa Bay
Amma Water Blessed Amazon River Arizona Creeks Beaver Island Well
Big Two-Hearted River Boston Harbor Chalice Well Cherokee Water
Chesapeake Bay Fountain of Youth Hurricane River Gulf Waters
Lake Michigan Lake Michigan Inlet Lake Superior Lourdes Makah
Mississippi River Mono Lake Mt. Shasta Headwaters Niagara Falls
Pipestone Ochlockonee River Rainbow Falls Santa Fe Underground River
Sedona Spring Thunder Water

There are waters of this Earth that are from another time. There are other waters of this Earth that are from another place. There are also waters of this Earth that are not even wet, tight or vapor.

Life on Earth is like this as well. The fluidity of Water is much more than its physical flow. Flow has forms in many dimensions beyond our eyes’ abilities to see. Motion of one element attracts and disperses other elements as is needed. The purpose channels the specificity and mixings of that attracted.
With these accumulations there is a marking that imprints itself in the Water. These markings are a signature of the confluence within the flow, and Water is the carrier.

It binds the others, holding a fasten to the common elements. Humans are a part of this commons, as we are mostly Water. Our own form imparts the signature we have imprinted upon the waters of our life. Human needs are dependent upon Water’s willingness to provide for our very existence. 

We are literally an extension of watered complexions. This essence brings together a portfolio of placements of Water upon the surface of our Earth, each having a temperament gained from its flowed absorption of the Land and Sky it is betweened.

These flowings contain freely formed expression of the Earth itself. Water’s motion brings receptions of “Nature’s” subtleties in a myriad of waves.
Just as Plants have specified performances and duties to the Earth, rootings of Water carry messages of Place. One cannot separate Water from its protector and enlighteners, Stone serving the first and our Sun the second of the Trio of Life.

Stone contains more water than the surface allows to be shown, absorbing and holding the molecules in ways we have not begun to approach in our own surfaced perspectives. This is a resonance of attraction and resulting transformative nature. Water’s hidden messaging within Stone’s vibrational comforting offers a storing of its essence and potential.

Water holds messages in perfection of reflections’ images. These are pictures from the exhibition of time. Much can be received in opening the heart
to this talking from times past. Similar to counting the rings of the Trees or the carboned remains of the Soils, Waters do speak.

These Waters were lovingly gathered from many sacred and honored Earthen flowings. All agreed to be essensed as one in a complexion of vibrational

harmony. Water is the blood of the Earth, without which it’s Light would cease to sparkle and shine. Humans are the stewards of the Earth, a gifting from those who earned this honor and working of its service. 

Our ancestral elders held truths of Earth’s complex natures in their daily existence. We are born innocent of heart and our inner lights contain this essence absolutely. In Water, we are commonly bonded to the very essence of Nature herself.

From these innate essentials we have the ability to access other innate messages. A secreted function of Water is its carrying capacity of the inter-dimensionality of Life itself. We have become content with the structure of oxygen and hydrogen as its molecular compose. Three more aspects do fulfill Water as a whole. There are also the Binder and the Carrier and a third not to be mentioned. The Binder is the intelligence, and this contains both the ability to store and receive messaging. When we open our hearts to speak, we are connecting the circuitry of Water. These flows magnetically attract to the likeness in others.Transformative Spiritual exchange then is possible if the attraction is sympathetic to the asked permit from intent.This is a listening that must come from pause in activity. Those with ears that can hear are deafened in all but the mind’s eye.Permitted to connect, the messaging may flow through the heart frequencies’ particular channels. These lighted flows actuate the gland we call the pineal, and language interpretation commences. 

This waters the latent and colors the pictures in the mind’s eye. With a recognized image, the story has revelation to the brain itself. All of these are carried within the presence of Water.

The imprints of message in the Water are everlasting and fresh as the Sun’s light. Much of our supposed learned intelligence, although now passed through booked expressions, does exist in the Water. All life resonates to the drawings and pictures of Watered Prescience. Through Water the simplest microbial
exists in the network of supportive and sustaining chains of life. This is a never-ending spiral of existence, reaching far into the ethereal realms of the Angelic Kingdoms.
We are a well-connected and needed race in Earth’s chain of life. Entrusted with compassion, our heartfelt reception of intelligence is a sacreded life form in its own Light. To the Carriers of Water, this, then, is an essence from a loving circle of Earthen foundation stone and the cleansing waters of their life force. Combining life forces of Earth’s charged Points of Life geometrically opens the finer dimensional aspects of Water’s ability to open Lighted Channels.

These teachings are essential to the procession of enlightened colorings of Earth’s spiral of life. To partake of this essence thus accesses the messaging of Water and our own inner sensing of the absorption of Light through Water.

Standing with my back to the scene pictured in the photo for this essence, this was the sight greeting me. Rainbows are viewed by many cultures as bridges between Heaven and Earth. The glorious Sky on this day spoke of Heaven on Earth.

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