Wood Lily

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Wood Lily

(Lilium philadelphicum)

Common names: Common Wood Lily, Prairie Lily, Western Lily

 Creative Power

Indication: Encourages your creative center to work with disadvantages, disabilities, and the challenges of aging with imagination, new ideas, and non traditional methods. Enables you to triumph over obstacles and succeed.

Born on a Limestone and Dolomite Alvar nestled on Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron's North Shore this Wood Lily and her guardian Tree Frog were inseparable. Both unique to this tiny area of the world they share the mission of gifting hope and aiding in transformative processes to the soul facing the challenges of a disability, a illness or changes in ability due to an aging body.

Wood Lily opens up a flow of compassion from your heart center, compassion first for yourself and your predicament. This is very different from self pity, compassion embraces the whole of who you are and where you are, compassion baths you in the heart space that holds the creative imagination that can see beyond who you are now to the joyful possibilities of your future.

When given bad news or a diagnosis it is important to understand that opinion does not need to define you. You are much more than your condition and the limitations of others perceptions. You define yourself by your dreams and it's only when you stop dreaming that you may begin to lose the possibility of miracles.

The purity and high frequencies of Wood Lily flower essence expands you into a bigger picture, one that encompasses a greater vision for you and brings you closer to your Divine purpose. Wood Lily works with Tree Frog and together they open your infinite creative process to envelop both Frogs teachings of metamorphosis and Wood Lily's understanding of life's mysteries and together they weave the magic of water and land forces, fairies and elves. Linked to the Lunar forces of creativity and fertility in the the highest sense Wood Lily essence evokes your ability to transform bogged down feeling and emotions into powerful catalysts that not only move you towards your empowered new destiny, but also make that destiny, impossible to miss.

Many tribes gathered the bulbs of wood lily for food and medicine. The bulbs are said to have an excellent flavour. As well, the abundant, nutritious pollen can be dusted on various dishes. Medicinally, the bulbs were once cooked and then applied to sores, bruises, swellings or wounds. They were also used to make a medicinal tea for treating stomach problems, coughs and fevers and for helping women in labour deliver the afterbirth.

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