Star Sedge

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Star Sedge

(Rhynchospora colorata)

Common names: Laiche Etoliee,  eastern Star Sedge, wood Sedge, Blazing Star, Morning Star Sedge, Heavy Sedge

Feeling Low
Feeling bogged down or in a rut with the same old routine. Inspires one to take chances and create change.

Feeling trapped or like you are bogged down and getting deeper into a rut is frustrating. As human beings we are hardwired to have persistence, which may be helpful when life is going well, but sabotages our happiness when we are moving in a negative direction.

Fantasies of running away from your dead-end job or marriage without addressing your real problems may make you feel better temporarily but without resolving why you are in this position in the first place, will more than likely, just end you up in another similar situation down the road. This however should not be a edict for complacency, but rather a call to positive action.

Financial responsibilities and worries are often what keeps you feeling trapped in a negative cycle. And although winning the lottery is always a possibility, I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. Instead recognize that there are many, many, options for supporting yourself and you do not need to stay locked into the mindset that the one you are in now is your only choice.

If you feel trapped in a negative cycle, it's probably not due to lack of ideas or opportunity. To get things moving in a positive direction again, you may need to adjust how you think about change.

Star Sedge is a grass that grows in the bogs of Florida. As a grass, she has learned to send out her ryzones in several directions multiplying herself to cover a lot of ground. More than a simple grass though she aspires to achieve showy blossoms for all to admire. Her white flowers rise like stars above her green grasses, even as her feet sit in the bog below.

Star Sedge teaches you that to rise above your current situation you must start with a dream of where you would like to go. Without the dream you will remain aimless in any change.

Equally important she says that you must recognize that the rut or bog you are living in now and that the discontent you feel is your perfect springboard for change.  This is true because, if you are to face the challenges of the transformation you want, it is important that you harness the energy of your unhappiness with how things are...enough to propel you forward.

Do you really want to stay in the bog, lost in the muddy waters of the endless same situation? Or do you aspire to rise and be the shining star you were meant to be, self fulfilled and a beacon of inspiration and light to guide others out of the swamp and into their true self?

The Star Sedge essence bids you to find your dream. To make your plan. and then to go for it! This choice is now before you, all it requires is for you to trust and then, to take your first step.

The striking whitish bracts on this sedge make it appear as if it has showy, daisy-like flowers. These bracts attract insect pollinators, which is unusual in this primarily wind-pollinated family.

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