Earth Star

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Earth Star

(Astraeus hygrometricus)

Common names: Water Measurer

Feeling Out Of Place

Indications: Addresses that feeling of being out of sync with our environment or those around us.

Somewhere between a mushroom and a flower, somewhere between the cold waters of Lake Superior and the protection of the coniferous pine forest, the Earth Star seemingly float on the sand. A want-a-be flower, an unattached mushroom, not of air, not of water, not of land, not of forest. Large enough to be easily seen, yet colored to blend so well with the sandy, rocky coastal terrain you could easily walk over a large colony and never see a one.

The Earth Star flower essence addresses a sentiment we all have experienced at one time or another ~ that of feeling out of place or out of sync with your environment and those around you, trying to please everyone, yet left with feelings of disaffection, estrangement or alienation.

These emotions can mushroom even in the closest of relationships when you soak up a negative field of emotion such jealousy, resentment or hurt feelings. These feelings originate not from others but from deep within the moody environs of your own complicated constitution and can strongly be influenced by hormonal imbalances, Moon and astrological influences and weather patterns.
The Earth Star is a mushroom of the buff-ball type, and we all know how an ungrounded emotional body can mushroom or puff out of shape in response to the unkind word or indifferent glance. More often than not, these actions have little or nothing to do with you, and reflect the emotional disposition of the originator. 

The Earth Star’s “petals” react to the fluctuations of moisture levels along the lake shore by swelling and retracting in wet conditions, while spreading flat on the sand to form a floweret in the dry heat of the summer Sun. The Earth Star flower essence supports the return of emotional equanimity, helping you to re engage socially from a place of security and social grounding, replacing feelings of emotional alienation with the support needed to evolve so as to be in harmony with your environment and community.

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