Blazing Star

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Blazing Star

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (Liatris spicata)

Common names:Dense Blazing Star, Spiked Blazing Star. Forest Gayfeather, Marsh Gayfeather, Marsh Blazing Star, Dense Button Snakeroot, Sessile-headed Blazing Star                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Starstruck/ Infatuated

Indications: Star-struck, following an illusion... unable, or lacking the maturity and wisdom, to see what is real.

Hollywood and the commercial world have projected a world of images conveying “ideas” about what is important – money, looks, possessions, popularity, fancy homes and exotic vacations – blazing stars that glitter, seducing others to believe that those that ride the crest of such waves of physical success are worth admiring and emulating.  Believing in what you see through the smoke and mirrors of anotherʼs illusion, you may lose your intrinsic sense of what is real and of what is truly important. Blazing Star flower essence aids those who have been “enchanted” by a charismatic person or ideal and are unable, or unwilling, to really see the situation through the clear eyes of wisdom. The golden calves of material success and the false idols of image-produced heroes need to dim next to the riches of a summerʼs day at the lake with loved ones or the pleasure of being with a good friend.

Blazing Star flower essence reorients you back to the riches offered to you by the sweet Earth and the treasure of your human relationships. The essence is helpful if you have have been lured into believing that happiness or spiritual fulfillment can be bought, possessed or attained through joining up with a group or found through the altered states of drug or alcohol use. As in all false pursuits, you continually must reach for the next goal as the last one obtained loses its joy almost as fast as you obtain it. 

Blazing Star flower essence helps to refocus your heart energies towards true light, helping you to feel secure and content with the pleasures offered by the natural world and the simple joys of relationship. The experience of harmony in the movements of elements~ like wind speaking to the surface of the forest lake, can seem subtle and uncomfortable when you are used to the high stimulation of modern culture. But the sunlight, the lake, the forest and the wind will nourish your soul forces, penetrating the unseen roots of your human self. Blazing Star helps you to feel light as an internal source of the God within~ rather than an external “idea”, “thing” or “persona” that you must strive for and in finding your personal inner blazing star, you find the contentment, pleasure and joy so long elusive is now somehow accessible, internalized and ever-present.

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