Solarwind Rose Quartz

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Solarwind Rose Quartz


Indications: Helps to balance your heart chakra so that it can become a focal point for processing the energy of your inspiration and dreams.

Solarwind Rose Quartz
November 13, 2003

The day this essence was made was cold and blustery. I was asked to go outside around 9:00 a.m. and “look up.” What I saw was sunshine and clouds moving at fantastic rates..... joining, separating and bursting….. as if the wind at those altitudes was moving at high speeds in many different directions at once. It was truly awesome and magnificent to watch this alchemy of the Heavens work to create its new magic formula for us here.

The Solarwind Rose Quartz essence is indeed Angelic Alchemy and a Magic that we have here-to-fore not been able to access here on Earth. This is a new essence and a gift for Manifestation. It helps you to bring the visions of the soul and to ground them into the Physical, where they may be realized in the here and now.

The Rose Quartz in this essence is able to balance the Heart so that it can become a focal point for this more-dreamy Energy of the Spirit, then it relies on its Rock-Kingdom properties to stabilize and manifest these Dreams on this Plane.

The crystalline properties of the snowflakes that danced on this essence during its making
and the Fairies associated with a first snow remind you of the Joy and Fun of Flirtation and help you to pick up the Dance with Glee. This is a powerful essence that restores your Heart to commitment
and to those Visions and Life Missions that once filled you with so much Life and Energy.

 Rose Quartz is a form of silicon dioxide with a pink to rose red color caused by iron and titanium ‘impurities.’ The gem stone is known for bringing out the energies of determination , commitment and caring. Evoking the energies of the heart it is known to calm anger and enhance new love. 

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