Rose Paintbrush

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Rose Paintbrush

(Castilleja coccinea)

Common names: Indian Paintbrush, Prairie Paint brush, Downy Paintbrush

Soul Mates

Indications: Helps activate the strong destiny forces within you that can awaken self-motivation to meet the fellow soul-mate travelers who will bless your journey.

You live on a planet of free will, where you can make choices each moment that will affect future events in your destiny..... who you will meet and what shape your future will take. You are not always tuned into the messages of your higher self, and many of your life decisions are fear-based and counter-intuitive. Soul-mates or other members of your Soul Family may have been born far away, necessitating strong Destiny Forces to cause your paths to cross. 

Not leaving the job that no longer serves you, not moving to a new destination when you feel the strong unexplainable urge to or not arriving at the intuitive point at the fate-determined time can alter or counter the Destiny that could line you up with the Soul Family members you miss so much in our heart.

You often do not know or understand the results of your own choices. It is the loneliness and longing in your heart for someone not present ~ your Soul-mate, your child unborn ~ that can create a deep and painful heart-saddness as you do not understand why Spirit will not reunite you with your beloveds.

Rose Paintbrush is an essence that can help you to better align your inner longings for reunification with outer actions..... that can help you to find those whom your heart longs for so that you may once again experience the joy of company with those soulmates or eternal loves.


The flowers of Rose Paintbrush are yellow-green tubular projections set in a surround of rose brats. The rose bracts attract butterflies and other pollinators to the sweet nectar awaiting them inside the yellow-green tubular flowers.


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