Christmas Rose

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Christmas Rose

(Helleborus Niger)

Common names: Fragrant Hellebore, Sweet Hellebore, Lenten Rose

New Beginnings

Indications: Instills one with the courage needed to release old patterns and move forward into a new age.

This essence is the co-creation of many hearts in authentic prayer on winter solstice 12/21/12. According to ancient world astrological calendars, the end of one era and the beginning of another is a 26,000-year cycle, a ʻBaktunʼ, or more commonly called ʻthe precession of the equinoxesʼ.

The Christmas Rose essence is the essence of choice when we seek a new beginning, when we must leave behind the old broken ways of doing things and optimistically walk into something new, unfettered by past mistakes or challenges. It is not ever easy to set out on a new path, to leave a stifling job or broken marriage, to set off in uncharted waters, newborn to what comes next, It is our nature to cling to the security of what we know, no matter how dysfunctional it has become.

The Christmas Rose flower essence instills in you the courage needed for a New Age. As technology is already showing us, it is an age of lighting up. We find the paper that we were beginning to be buried in
turn into the light of a computer screen. You can also allow your body and spirit to transform into bodies of light by letting go of the density of past patterns. Moving forward, the essence offers a stronger connection to the higher wisdom that will help to set you free to begin again. This is a transformative essence to use on the earth to heal and re-purpose an area, as it encourages the release of the past pattern
and helps the land open up to a new network of inspiration and design. 

According to legend, the Christmas rose sprung from frozen soil at midnight in answer to the prayer of a poor woman who had no gift to offer the Christ Child on the night of his birth. Blooming in the cold of winter
and potentiated by a stunningly beautiful pink apophyllite crystal, the flower essence now responds to the heart prayers of today. This essence is a gift to the transformers and healers of the New Age -- the Golden Age… supporting an ability to map out better roads, find inclusive harmonious solutions, and focus our collective efforts towards healing.

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