False Rosemary

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 Wild/False Rosemary

(Conradina canescens) 

Common names: Short Leaf Rosemary, Wild Rosemary, Beach Rosemary, Minty Rosemary, Scrub Rosemary, Conradina, False Rosemary


Indication: Unable to deal with competition or social situations. Happiest when unencumbered by relationships.

Wild Rosemary is one of the wonderful dwarf shrubby mints that call the sandy soils of the southeastern US home. In habit and fragrance, they resemble culinary Rosemary. It is on the endangered flowering plants.

Being introverts and preferring to be left alone, conradina plants secretly secrete monoterpenes which poison encroaching vegetation...especially grasses. Being by yourself is important some of the time, yet we are living in a world of relationship and it is increasingly more and more important that you learn to engage with others and form the bonds that help you to learn your Earth lessons and grow into your full potential. As a loner you may be staying away from potential interconnections because you are insecure with your social presence, or you are afraid of being hurt. It is true that whenever you engage with others there is a possibility of rejection or embarrassment.

Wild Rosemary is for you if you tend to reject or push away from potential relationships simply because you feel more comfortable being by yourself. She gently weans you away from your computer or hobby “friends” to flesh and blood, face to face, human ones. She does not ask you to become a social butterfly, instead she simply prods you to engage in the world a little more and towards greater fulfillment and happiness through engagement and relationships with others.

Wild rosemary flowers are extremely attractive to bees and other such pollinators. Butterflies sometimes visit them too, but these are not really & quit; butterfly plants”.

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