Lake Ontario

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Lake Ontario


Indications: Opens you up to allow the deep questions of your soul to pour forth... helps you to listen on a universal level, to reflect & find deep soul peace.

Soft and warm she speaks… gentle, refined, like butter melting around your ankles. Lake Ontario listens to what’s in your heart. She allows you to ask your questions, to speak your truth. Go ahead ~ ask her
about reincarnation, about visits from star brothers about the future of mankind. Then breathe in while she quiets the quest within and helps you work with the fullness of an eternal life. Like a mirror, her patient surface reflects the gathering clouds, the surrounding blue sky the seagulls wings.

As a flower essence, Lake Ontario assists you in releasing your surface tension and helps you find a quiet moment to wonder. These questions of the heart are the only real questions, and like a good friend she listens and reflects. What she offers is really the answer to your pondering, a deeper self-knowledge and an ability to inter-relate more peacefully with the Elements. To do this, you must look deep, listen to your own feelings, your own questions, and learn to release the tension around not "knowing".

The essence reassures you after the loss of a loved one that spirit continues and relationships remain strong. There is a release here of your need for material reassurance, as the essence helps you to deepen your connection to the All.

If you have lost your center and no longer know what really matters, return to the Lake. The Lake’s coolness revives your senses. The Lake’s motion activates direction and focus. The Lake’s shimmering waters encourage a new beginning. The Lake’s sandy bottom absorbs your pain. Return to the Lake. Find your peace and be blessed!

Lake Ontario is last in the Great Lakes chain as the waters of the heart of North America make their way to the Atlantic. Although she has the smallest surface area of the Great Lakes, her depth is second only to Lake Superior. Her elevation is 246 feet above sea level. The Iroquois people called the lake “Skanadario”.


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