Lake Erie

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Lake Erie

Ego Balance

Indications: Tempers delusions and exaggerations of the ego in ways that support the personality in its journey from the ego-motivated self to the humble, listening self

This Essence was made at Point Pelee, the southernmost tip of the Canadian mainland, a point of land that creates a dramatic “V” into the western end of Lake Erie, creating (as seen from the sky) a navigational mark for North America’s migrating birds, butterflies, bugs, and bats. The Lake herself is a passageway escorting the vast waters of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron through to the massive power of Niagara Falls and then onto the final Great Lake, Lake Ontario. The last essence to be made of the five Great Lakes, Erie is the closest to our home and sits in the middle of the Big Fresh Waters.

Your ego must travel through many portals and challenges on this Earth, and staying balanced in both progressive action and humble reflection is a challenge in itself. The Lake Erie essence supports the personality on its journey from the ego-motivated self to the wizened, listening, humbled, servant self.

It feels good to be king or queen, asking others to hold us as more evolved, more spiritual, smarter, or of higher status. Deluded by your ego, you may promote an exaggerated view of your experiences and
personal history. Aggrandizement of self advocates a self that is “special”, perhaps miraculous or larger than others. “I can do things that you can’t.” As you continue to promote this “superego” you may actually begin to believe your own tales.

The Higher Self, always looking out for your greater soul development, may try to reel in your Ego by creating checkpoints along your path – illness, failure or misfortune – to essentially confront the renegade Ego and give you a chance to reflect.

It is often the case that low self-esteem underlies the attempt to fabricate on the facts. Others, however, not so easily fooled, may see right through the illusion to the suffering soul within. But their reaction is often not one of compassion but rather a reaction of contempt or outrage, as no one likes to be tricked or lied to!

The Lake Erie essence helps you to remember that you are really simply a channel for “The Source” and not yourself “The Source”.

The un-surrendered Ego creates a swath of great confusion, diverting others’ energy from true light. Dysfunction and suffering so often come when we refuse to let go of the illusion,  when we cling to something which we should obviously let go of. The main problem for the soul here is that in fooling yourself you are not preparing for the trials that generally lay around the bend and will require real skill – and not illusion – to navigate. Lake Erie does not pretend to be wild, powerful and emotional, like Lake Superior. It has no mountains or cliffs for its waters to rage against.  It lacks the sand dunes and the softness of Lake Michigan’s peaceful shoreline. Unlike the forever-wandering, diverse beaches of Lake Huron, Lake Erie’s shoreline is concise, flat and somewhat boring by comparison. 

Humbly, Lake Erie works, channeling all the massive energies of the upper-chakra waters, moving unobtrusively all the wisdom and lessons gained, preparing you for the next step – the plunge over Niagara Falls.
Fording the Falls may be your chosen quest or a completely unexpected bend in your river. But, whether or not you are prepared, life will present challenges that can carry you away on the sheer power or chaos of the situations offered up.

The shallowest of the five Great Lakes, Lake Erie plays an archetypical role -- maybe the greatest of the Lakes -- as it works to clarify the dreams, the excesses and the wisdom of experience gained and processed through the higher chakras, channeling them through the Ego – where things get done! Lake Erie essence works to temper your Ego, helping to process information and soul capacity in a way that escorts the greatness of self to be poured through and merged with the Greatness of Creator. The flower essence works to instill the important understanding that you as co-creator are merely an instrument in the happenings of your world, working towards the highest harmony, and that your capacities and talents are a result of your abilities to be the best channel of willingness – not willfulness.

Lake Erie Essence works to inspire you to look upward to the Morning Star, to visualize the strength of its radiance and to emanate a purity of spirit that exudes, not a personal but a Divine, confidence –
a confidence that is not lost in tales of self but rather manifests in the faith of the whole!

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copyright © 2010 by Merri Walters Great Lakes Sacred Essences 

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