Great Sand Dunes

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Great Sand Dunes

Fear Of The Unknown

Indications: Comforting to those who fear the future or have fears of the unknown.


There is no insurance policy to cover the vast shifting terrain of the unknown. True Spiritual awareness opens a dialog between the shadow and the light and knows that you can never know but must learn to trust in the eternal goodness of a loving Creator to nurture, protect and provide- not always what is comfortable, but what is best for you.

The drifting mountainous heaps of sand here rise 700 feet above the San luis Valley, forming the tallest sand dunes in North america. Held by the rugged backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, the Mendano Creek and the Sands Creek carry highly charged glacial waters that pulse around the sand in rhythmic waves, keeping the dunes in place.

The Great Sand Dunes Earth essence addresses your fears of the future and the unknown, that which is presently undefined and out of your control. These can sometimes be unreasonable fears – like a child’s fear of the dark or the fear of not knowing how a change will occur or affect you. Being afraid of the future, afraid of death or having irrational fears are calmed, as the essence naturally strengthens and soothes your astral body, allowing for more healthful sleep and deeper dreams. Your root chakra is energized, enhancing your digestion and allowing you greater insight into the source of your fears. Your heart chakra is stimulated to release fear-based patterning, replacing it with love-based awareness that naturally strengthens your positive  emotions while helping you to shed overall fear and mistrust. As calm and trusting feelings return, you are then able to act both rationally and wisely.

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