Sand Verbena

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Sand Verbena

(Abronia Villosa)

Indication: Morality, Conscience

Assists in increasing consciousness and moral righteousness.

Sticky hairy creepers they like hot dry sunny sites often isolated from other verbena populations. The name “verbena” means altar plant. In Ancient Rome this herb was used on the altars in the temples. Vervain twigs were bundled and used to sweep the altar. Vervains or verbena are found around the world and in every culture they are considered a sacred plant. As a medicine vervain is calming to the nervous system. Even though it was said that vervain had the power to ward off witches, the opposite was also said. Witches were believed to use vervain in their evil brews and spells.

As a flower essence this little one is teaching you about your choices and about the moral ground you stand on when you speak or act in this world. It is hard sometimes to know right from wrong in a given situation. Something that might be helpful to one person may deprive many others. Sand Verbena challenges you to look deeper into your motivations, to release the need to always win, protect only yourself or be on top when it means that others are suffering because of your decisions.

The Sand Verbena grows around the world and is recognized cross culture as a protective energy clearing plant. Here in the high desert of Utah she has blossoms almost instantaneously after two inches of rainfall ended a seven month drought.

Use this essence when you need to reevaluate your motives, drop your personal agenda and come to a balanced place of conscious service that offers compassion for all.

The word vervain comes from a Celtic term meaning “to drive away stones”while the name verbena comes from the Romans defined as “alter plant”

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