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Bay of St. Lawrence

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Bay of St. Lawrence


Indications: Supports you in learning to save up your money and resources. Helps in preparing and creating a beautiful, warm, protected homespace.

The mountains here rise with the morning sun out of a gentle summer sea. Club moss, wild strawberries and native grasses take you to the fragrant edge of cliffs… like walking on pillowed earth, rocking your footsteps all the while, inviting you down to rest in a bed of green. The wind here blows salty sea breath into your face as the summer sun reminds the hardy few who find their home in this lonely outpost
that life is prosperous and full.

Life is, indeed, prosperous and full, and the Bay of St. Laurence essence, made at sunrise on the tip of Nova Scotia & the very end of the St. Lawrence Seaway, encourages you to take the bounty of the present and preserve it for your future. The essence reminds you to do your work, to make hay while the sun shines, to provide for colder days ahead. As balmy and beautiful as this bay appears this morning, the few residents living here drink in this solstice gift to hold them through the dark, windy winter by the sea ahead.

The Bay of St. Lawrence essence supports a natural feeling that propels you to settle down, come in, hug close to the fire, gather up supplies, save your money and bring your family together in your cozy nest.
The essence helps you to recognize blessings as they appear while encouraging you to gather in the fruit and spend some time and energy preparing the harvest for your future. Nature gives you both summer and winter. If you live as though summer bounty and sun will continue forever, the cold, barren winter may offer you only struggle and hardship.

The Bay of St. Lawrence essence supports the sense within you to build a good warm nest, to fill your pantries, to batten down the shutters. Good nesting instincts reflect good self-esteem and true nurturing of others. This wise essence supports you in filling your nest with treasures and pleasures ~ building the house of your dreams, creating the space to allow you to come inward, to rest, to create and to enjoy the beauty of the cold from the comfort of a warm, centered home that is held and protected by the Good Mother who guards us all.

Bay of St. Lawrence is a named for St. Lawrence, a venerated saint of the Roman Catholic Church entrusted with church treasures, including at one time the Holy Grail, and martyred for defiance of Rome’s governmental authority. His response to an edict to turn over church riches to Rome was to distribute as much to the poor as possible. He is said to have the presented to the Roman authorities the poor, the crippled, the blind and the suffering as the true treasures of the Church.

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