Georgian Bay

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Georgian Bay


Indications: Brings one back to ones Spiritual Nature where one can truly see and feel the sacredness of Life.

Cyprus Lake, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada 5/24/8

The Bruce Peninsula stretches its arm, jutting far north and west into the mighty Lake Huron, splitting her waters with the ancient rim of limestone-encrusted-dolomite known as the Niagara escarpment.. which forms a giant horseshoe that stretches from the Niagara River through Michiganʼs upper peninsula and into Wisconsin. It is this split that forms the Georgian Bay. With her eastern border shaped by the granite bedrock of the Canadian shield exposed 11,000 years ago by the retreating glaciers, the Georgian Bay is over 5,800 square miles of lake – a lake in itself as large as Lake Ontario.

Here aquamarine waters wash over smooth white limestone. Pristine and clear, the highly-charged waters offer up an essence akin to a plunge into this icy cold lake -- bracing and exhilarating. Electric blue energy surrounds one with water and sky, contrasted by the deep evergreen of ancient white cedars that cling masterfully to the contours of the high cliffs. What few hardy plants, animals, and humans live here thrive
in an ecosystem that encourages the exceptional.

Although time can sometimes feel as though it is just whizzing by, at other times life may seem to be very long… long enough, that is, to have moments of faith and spiritual awakening and also long enough to lose it all and plummet to disillusion, numbness, and irreverence. Staying high on the positive can be very lonely in a cynical world that expects and projects the downside and takes its humor in the grotesque and the failures of society. When you lose your respect for the Divinity of Life, you can also lose the inner joy of living and may end up looking to illusions for entertainment and stimulation instead of grounding yourself in meaning and spiritual purpose. The Georgian Bay waters inspire your heart to return to the awe and reverence innate in the authentic human experience, with a humble respect for the true grandeur of Creation… the care and direct guardianship that you feel when you are respectful of the power and perfection of the universe and humbly take your place in it.

The Georgian Bay flower water essence opens your heart to experience reverence for Creation or that which is so much larger than self and a splendor beyond any human ability to duplicate. The essence encourages the pause that allows you – at your soul level – to see into the darkness and ego forces that have been influencing your thoughts, emotions, and physical manifestations.

Unlike a conscious scan that routes out problems with a scolding or judgmental agenda, the essence, instead, assists you in a natural look at the big picture, allowing you to lovingly laugh at your predicament
while releasing the tension around your current issues. Finding yourself such a small player in such a large landscape may make it feel easier to release what you never really meant to call into your life to begin with. Helping to better recognize influence and how it is operating in your life, the essence offers encouragement to change your patterns.

Nature at the Georgian Bay really is amazing. It is cold and awake, and all your senses open and are grateful for the experience of the sunʼs warmth and the icy cold of a plunge off the rock into the lake. Even with your eyes closed, you breathe in the purity and the grandeur. Georgian Bay will be of benefit to the cynic, the numbed down, or the disillusioned. Helpful at anytime in your life -- or even in your busy day --
when you need to return to awe and to remember what a miracle it is that supports us all, and give praise.

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