Bay Laurel

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Bay Laurel

(Laurus nobilis)

Common names: Laurel, Sweet Bay, True Laurel, Grecian Laurel

Freedom, Free Mind

Indications: For those who have been controlled or abused by others and are no longer able to think for themselves. Inspires free thought and self motivated behavior.

It is unfortunately still the case that many children, women and peoples of the world are not free. Dictators and abusers continue to control the actions, relationships and information available to their victims in the name of religion, greed or their own need to retain personal power over others. When you escape an abusive situation the road to well-being must ascend a staircase
of physical, emotional, mental, and past-memory integration necessary for beginning to truly enjoy the expansive landscape of a free mind and soul.

Many prisons can be personally constructed or reconstructed in your own mind as you may feel more comfortable within the limitations of close walls, rules and restrictions, afraid of what is unfamiliar or of the responsibilities inherent in true freedom. Bay Laurel, growing on an Atlantic Ocean cliff at the very end of the St. Lawrence Seaway in Nova Scotia, offers an essence that helps you feel a sense of Divine custodianship – the sense of care and protection necessary to let down your personal guard enough to allow for the flow of expansive feelings, open thoughts and authentic responses. A blessing whenever you have felt the oppression of a restrictive environment that has imprisoned the natural flow of real feelings or the clarity of unrestricted ideas. 

 This is the essence of choice for animals that have come from shelters, spent the weekend in a kennel, or come from abusive circumstances. 

Restoring core trust, the Bay Laurel essence activates the emancipation of your spirit from the virtual imprisonment of the memory of your experience and the learned patterns of subjugation that are so very imprinted on your psyche. The Bay Laurel essence works to establish and stabilize your connection to the non-judgmental Mother-Father God within, who loves unconditionally and feeds courage to the soul to face life challenges with a new-found faith and openness. The opportunity to think and act freely is an innate privilege we must value and respect. Free will is the gift of this planet... freedom to experience the opportunity of the clear inspirational thoughts of a liberated mind and the open true feelings of an unrestricted, sensing heart.

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