Firehole River

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Firehole River

Facing Challenge

Indications: Can accelerate the healing process by transforming polarizing emotions and releasing negative thought... helpful for times of stress & emotional vulnerability.

The Firehole River rises from a tiny lake which lies in a marshy sub-alpine basin along a north-facing slope of the continental Divide. Here in Yellowstone National Park, the cold river runs freely through canyons and vast wilderness fed by mountain snow melt and supplemented by millions of gallons of scalding hot water from the geysers and hot springs that pour into and co-mingle with this cold mountain river. Walking the water's edge, you feel the magical connection as you view the river's many curves and golden, shining mineral-encrusted rock face through shrouds of steamy mist. All temperatures of water can be experienced along this river, as the two extremes mix and meld.

The Firehole River flower essence can accelerate your healing process by transforming polarizing emotions and releasing negative thoughts. The  essence allows for renewal of mind, body and spirit by encouraging a balance between opposites within your energy system.... the ebb and flow of your pulse.... the quiet and noise of your mind.... the hot and cold of your temperature.... the yin and yang of your physical forces.... the anger and apathy of your emotions. Here the spirit of the water and the spirit of fire meet like blood pumping through the heart of the wilderness, with rhythm and balance. Here opposites collide to create the power of passionate life flow.

The message of the Firehole River essence is to be in your experience.... to feel it.... to know it.... to move through it - no matter how hard or painful. Do not fear it but instead learn to trust in the wisdom offered. Remembering that the Creator Spirit only offers you good, you can recognize all experience as blessing.

The Firehole river essence gifts you with the fire water of Mother Earth to purify your feelings, bringing you through the emotional threshold of paralyzing stress, life-threatening illness, pain, anger or extreme fear to overwhelming joy, strength, courage and fearlessness. Placing your focus on Grace, healing energy, faith and the pure forces of renewal, the essence plunges your hot body into icy, cold, clear water. where you can now place your attention on Nature, your true support system. The strength of this essence ushers in the courage to work with your internal fire forces with wisdom and trust.... helpful for times of stress and emotional vulnerability, when feelings may range the gamete from fiery anger to cool tears. These physical fire forces can pump extra blood into the head, causing body temperature to rise while hot flashes, fevers or vascular headaches may result. At the same time, there may be little energy in the extremities… cold hands or feet, and cooled or unmotivated sexual energies may be evident. 

The Firehole River essence encourages a conversation with disparaging energies, activating consciousness to sense out the roots of your conflict while improving your metabolic energy to clear toxins on all levels. Facing and embracing the source of your distress, the spiritual waters of the Firehole River help you to harness your true healing energy by helping you to experience the extremes of your being -- peacefully. Allowing your vessel to overflow with the full strength of human experience, with love and trust, you can move forward through the doorway, drenched in the warmth of your human sweat. You find here the cleansing, cool water of Mother Earth. Water of the Spirit, fire of the Spirit. Here water and fire meet. It is perfect. 


  Firehole River runs through a basin 8,000 feet high on the Continental Divide in Yellowstone National Park. Geysers surround the river and empty into her scalding water with dissolved minerals, including toxins boron and arsenic. Yet, amazingly, rainbow trout live and spawn in her waters.

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