Two Hearted River

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Two Hearted River

Divided Motives/ Energies

Indications: For those who struggle with commitments or who allow their energies to be drained in too many directions.

 This is a free-flowing river….. un-dammed, rugged and pristine as it meanders through the forested wilderness, finally finding its way racing passionately over many colored, rounded lake rocks to meet and meld with Lake Superior’s crashing waves.

The essence was made here, at the mouth of the river as it flows into Lake Superior. This area of the Two Hearted River is hard to access, as you have to travel 20 miles down unimproved dusty dirt roads. Once there, the flies are remarkably abundant and biting..... horse flies, black flies, deer flies...... Nature! What a treat to plunge into this cold clear river to release the dust and reset my nervous system from an hour of washboard road rattling and children’s whines.

This is a place of conscious transformation. The essence of the Two Hearted River is a birthing essence that helps to bring the love of two hearts through the channels of consciousness required for co-creation.The Two Hearted River essence can activate healing and perspective for feelings of being of two-minds or two-hearts or for those caught in the inner confusion caused by divided motives or loyalties.

The essence also is helpful if you struggle with commitments in relationships or are unable to focus on important life projects as your conscious energies are preoccupied by unbalanced emotions or problems.
The heart of this essence helps to heal core patterns of confusion that may be based in a sense of insecurity that hides itself in dual agendas and non-commitment to relationships and projects of the heart.

The Two Hearted River essence supports a flowing sense of unity of purpose and direction, moving the Heart Forces to focus clearly and abundantly on determined action….. helping the Heart to heal an underlying sense of insecurity
by moving you forward to embrace commitment….. allowing your true Spiritual Presence to actively advance, thus uniting with the Hearts of others and creating Blessing here on Earth.

The Two Hearted River essence is also the essence of choice when you are feeling over-committed in too many variant directions and for the burnout that accompanies this. When the Soul Forces are scattered, your Energies can be spread too thin to accomplish much of anything in any area. You may feel exhausted -- even though little is actually being taken care of – by the shear emotional drain involved in holding together so many loose ends.

The modern world requires much of its citizens, and it is not likely that you may go through your incarnation unaffected by dualities of Heart and Motive.

The Two Hearted River essence can help your Thoughts, Intentions and Actions flood back into the Great Love of the One Heart of the connective flowing Mother-Father Spirit of All that can passionately heal your own Heart while committing your Hands and vital Energies with flowing focused Love that penetrates and charges all Endeavors and Relationships as your Intentions are clarified and your Energies can efficiently and directly impact your ability
to hold Focus, Commitment and Promise.

 The Two Hearted River is rooted in the northeast of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Surrounded by a mixed forest of birch, maple and evergreens, the River travels through the untamed wilderness, draining the area’s low wetlands into its meandering tributaries. The River’s two larger branches are more or less equal in size, inspiring it’s poetic and somewhat moody name.


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