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(Stellaria media)

Common names: Starwort, Adder's Mouth, Winterweed, Chicken-weed, Chickenwort, Craches, Maruns

Cross & Crabby

Indications: Releases grumpy, cross emotions... eases feelings of inequity... opens one to embrace supportive community, restoring grace, humor and sunshine.


Chickweed flower essence addresses the grumpy, cross, cantankerous spirit that can reside within even the best-natured soul given the right conditions. What tends to be at the bottom of these emotions is a feeling of being cheated, slighted, or unrecognized for your efforts.You may be feeling tired, stressed out or ill and yet others are expecting you to preform. Chickweed is a tiny plant that spreads thick in lawns, gardens, and parks.

As an herb it detoxifies the blood and dissolves plaque in blood vessels. As a flower essence Chickweed helps to reduce the inflammation of a bruised ego and to relax the tensions you may feel around issues of inequity.

Chickweed essence helps you to release negative, contrary feelings by opening you up to embrace supportive community. This flower essence opens you to a deeper understanding of the impact of your actions and words in the world that may be responsible for your feelings to begin with. It is hard to offer loving support to a family member or friend when we fear the lashes of their irritable, testy, or prickly emotions. It is better to stay our distance. Chickweed essence teaches you to release your need to quarrel with the world and helps you to relax enough that others can offer you their support. As grace returns to the emotions, life can be experienced again with humor and a sunny disposition.

 Chickweed (also called Starweed) is a medicinal, edible and nutritious annual herb often considered a ‘weed.’ With probable origins in Eurasia, Chickweed has naturalized itself all over the world. Wild and domesticated birds (including young chickens) eat the seeds as well as the young tops and leaves. The plant has the trait of “sleeping,” with leaves each night folding over the tender buds and new shoots.


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