Desert Paintbrush

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Desert Paintbrush

(Castilleja chromosa or angustifolia)

Common names: Indian Paintbrush, Grandmother's Hair, Common Red Paintbrush, Butterfly Weed, Prairie Fire, Desert Indian Paintbrush, Northwestern PaintBrush

Indication: Hardened/ Overexposed/ Angry

Works when over exposure to violence and trauma from this or a previous life is causing unsettling explosions of repressed anger and rage to surface. Helps to heal the heart of the memory in the subconscious mind, returning equilibrium of heart and spirit.

Isolated in the middle of the Utah Desert a howling wild and cold wind storm screamed through the canyons here last night. Camped out in a protected niche against a petroglyph covered escarpment the landscape is weirdly silent at sunrise with not a bug nor bird to be heard singing their usual morning song. Here we have been drawn to expressive brilliantly red flowers dancing quietly to the intrigue of morning dew and reaching out into the rays of the day's first light.

The effects of struggle from overexposure to violence, crime or tough situations continues to replay in the subconscious long after the real episodes have ended, and can even cross into subsequent life times, unchanging through the event has long passed, somewhere in the psyche you are still living out the trauma in your obsessive thoughts, your angry emotions, your body pain or your depressed feelings. You may be unable to express your true feelings because you don't understand yourself why you are experiencing these strong emotions. The real trauma may have occurred in another life or when you were too young to have a clear memory of the experience and the conscious mind is not able to access the source of your responses.

If when things get uncomfortable your first urge is to leave rather than stay and try to work it out, if you find yourself unable to open up emotionally to care from others and your hardened perspective or explosive anger are unwarranted -while others efforts to “fix it” only seem to plunge you into more anger, this little redhead may be the flower essence to ease your pain and help you to find your peace.

Desert Paintbrush is a plant that knows the struggle of harsh conditions. Here in Utah's high desert she raises her fiery red flowers expressive and bright, she grows from a rock face in the extreme temperatures of hot and cold, intense wind and very little rain. Her essence helps you to find words to express deep confusing emotions and to relax you enough to release your fears into the caring hands of the Angels and those around you that can help you to process tough feelings and experiences. She is here to aid you to let go of patterns that have kept you in dangerous, threatening or unhealthy situations. Especially helpful when you feel lost in a sea of strong feelings that you do not understand the origin of.

Journey to this strange and colorful valley, which is unlike any other in Utah. The landscape, covered with sandstone goblins and Rock formations, is often compared to Mars.

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