Cottonwood Canyon

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Cottonwood Canyon

(Poplar Canyon)

Physic Overwhelm

Indications: Feeling scared or shaken up by a Spiritual experience that you do not understand. Unsure if your thoughts are your own. Hearing disturbing irrational voices. Feeling lost, depressed and upset after a spiritual awakening. Distress after exposure to unprotected tampering in the spirit world. Entering into other realms through the use of drugs or alcohol and picking up negative entities.

Remote and beautiful, the habitat here is mostly lowland riparian, cliff/rimrock, and pinyon-juniper. Overhead Hawks circle while a Woodpecker pounds on a tree nearby. The air is that special Colorado combination of arid dry mixed with a frozen-ionized scent, that genuinely wakes up your brain and your senses.

The canyon is surprisingly rugged and narrow as the trail starts along a dry creek bed lined with Cottonwoods and climbs nearly 1,000 feet to the top of the cliffs where it opens up to an expansive Mesa view.

Cottonwood Canyon essence calms and rebalances the psychic center or an overly opened third eye center offering protection during times of rapid spiritual awakening when the physical and the psychic sensibilities have opened too widely, too quickly.

Over expansion of the auric field without proper protection can lead to psychic overwhelm or spiritual invasion by dark entities that sap your life forces while leaving you confused, ungrounded and full of fear... possibly to the point of feeling hysterical.

Unbalanced spiritual practices, naive, or poorly protected entrance into spiritual realms from the use of psychotropic drugs whether recreational or medicinal can leave you open to spiritual parasites that use your energy and confuse your mind.

Feeling undue fear or paranoia and mental confusion are signs of entity infection and a need for grounding and purification of the mental and spiritual bodies. Because we rely on our upper chakras so much in this physical realm it is important to know that if the higher bodies are under attack the best thing you can do is to anchor in the heavier and more stable lower chakras.

Cottonwood Canyon helps in grounding and stabilizing your human will in appropriate ways. Sit and breathe deeply, in a quiet way she whispers and helps you to come back into your belly and your gut. Allow the canyon to take you deeper into the depths of who you really are…. not a worried and frail human but instead the transcendent and powerful soul that resides in the very base of your being.

Cottonwood Lake is located inside South Cottonwood Canyon in the San Isabel National Forest, approximately eight miles west of Buena Vista, Colorado.

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