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New Abilities

Indications: Helps one to release the ego's need to control, thus supporting the emergence of new abilities of the spirit to flow.


This is an essence that supports the emergence of new gifts of the spirit in an individual. You hold the ability to create works of spirit onto the physical plane. This is really just a matter of loosening your need to manipulate and control your life in unproductive ways and instead opening up to a flow of universal spirit energy and becoming the vehicle for this abundant energy to pour through you and to help you to manifest this Spirit energy.

I have prayed with the tree for years. It greets the morning Sun daily. It can flower for three weeks in the Spring and hold onto its vibrant red Fall leaves into January snows. It is a guardian of new abilities and talents.


The essence supports you as we learn to honor and trust your ability to hear new inner voices, to walk the paths, and to “try out” and trust as these new talents awaken within you. It is an excellent essence to support musicians, healers, and anyone who is ready to root soul qualities into their daily expression. The white flowers of the dogwood have four petals and are firmly attached to the tree,
symbolizing a strong connection between the Spiritual realms and the Earth. The pink fringe of the flower brings the heart into the process of actualizing Spiritual Energy in Earthly activity.

The four broad petals of this flower ~ each heart-shaped and overlapping ~ open widely and hold an amber furry seed ball up to the light of the Sun as if in offering.


Dogwood, native to the eastern United States, is a tree for all four seasons
In Spring the flowers are a showy display of blossoms.
In Summer the green leaves present an interesting pattern with prominent veins.
In Fall the leaves turn a red-purple.
In Winter the glossy red fruits attract winter songbirds.

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