Wild Sun Flower

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 Wild Sunflower

 (Helianthus annuus)

Common names: Common Sunflower

 Unable to Settle Down 

Indication: Lack of self esteem and faith in your abilities to perform in the world. Uncomfortable with commitment. Unable to stick with projects and complete them. Repeated desire to move on when others begin to depend on you. wildsunflower1.jpg

Wild Sunflower can be found growing across North America along roadsides, in ditches and in open meadows and fields. Native to the Americas her brilliant yellow flower turns to follow the sun daily as it moves across the summer sky. A relative of the commercially grown sunflower she is smaller in every way and does not produce the abundant seed head associated with her cousin.

No matter what you are doing, what relationship you are in, what job you are working or where you are living, there are always countless other options. You may feel like if you don't keep the door constantly wide open to all possibilities you soon begin to feel like you are suffocating and this feeling agitates you to move on to the next thing.

Where it is common for most people to feel afraid of the unknown others feel fear set in when the situation becomes more routine and settled. Although they may feel that they are looking for the perfect job or the perfect relationship, they may not give either enough time and commitment, or stay around long enough to learn if they have already found what they want.

An active enough career may be stimulating enough to keep them happy for a while because the environment may change often and the atmosphere be stimulating enough to feel challenging and new.

Some (mostly men) may never settle down simply because they don't want to miss out on the next potential conquest, seemingly immune to love. They close themselves off to real emotional connections and instead focus only on the physical. 

And then there are those who are apprehensive of even the idea of commitment. As soon as they feel like things are getting too serious and that whomever they're with is itching for more (marriage, moving in together), they run. Whether their fear stems from not wanting to be tied down, lack of confidence or unsure about whether or not this is really “The One”, the reaction is the same.

Wild Sunflower grows in masses spreading its bright yellow beauty across the continent. Sunflower moves its head in front of the sun, following the golden rays from east to west in the midsummer sky. As a plant she radiates the cosmic renewal available to us from the power of our connections. wildsunflower2.jpg

When you are constantly moving and disconnecting from wouldbe partners, community, jobs or projects you may find something new but you may also lose something dear. Lack of faith in yourself may cause you to feel like you are not worthy of the partner, the job or the success gained by completing a project.

The more you leave or quit situations the more it begins to feel normal to you and the less you feel the pain of the people you are affecting with your actions. It becomes easier and easier to write others off as having flaws that you can't live with -instead of considering staying to see if you could work it out.

It is very important to feel free to make good choices, to be passionate about your job or your partner. It is also correct though that true partnerships and real jobs will be challenging at times and require dedication, application and someone who is willing to stick around and stick it out.

Wild Sunflower likes to grow in masses, she connects well with both the Earth and her many neighbors. Her sunny face calms an antsy nervous system by strengthening the creative and more stable male archetype to root in the qualities of loyalty, warmth and adoration. She instills both the spiritual faith and the self faith to ground you enough to help you to figure out what it is you really want. 

Exploration is important to gain the wisdom needed to understand yourself and your world enough to make good choices. However being stuck in a non committed wandering limo may keep you from ever finding true security, love and happiness. Wild Sunflower does not ask you to abandon your dreams, nor does she ask you to repress your imagination or cease your adventures. She beckons you instead into a more metabolic affinity with the Earth and your relationships.

Once you accept her sunny perception, her warmth, her balance and self confidence you can enter the world ready to offer your service and commitment not just while the sky is blue but also ready to endure the rain with strength and longevity. wildsunflower3.jpg

The sunflower is a native of the central United States as well as parts of Mexico. Wild sunflowers have been bred into domestic varieties since at least 1000 B.C. in the western part of the U.S. In addition to using sunflowers as a food source, Native Americans used the plants for other purposes, such as using their stems to create hoods to place over stoves. When European settlers arrived, they first cultivated the wild sunflower for its oil and appearance, though the popularity of sunflower seeds as a food has gradually increased.


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